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  • 5. Reduced VAT
  • 6. Building permit: deadlines revised downwards
  • 7. Energy renovation: special financial assistance for the most modest households
  • The 2014 autumn marks the implementation of several reforms aimed at reviving the construction sector. The sustainable development tax credit for the energy renovation of dwellings is thus renewed, increased and extended in 2015.

    Reform of the sustainable development tax credit as of September 1, 2014

    The revival of construction must also go through the thermal renovation of housing. Indeed, today there are 20 million old habitats whose thermal performance is insufficient.

    The Pinel plan aims to substantially revive the energy renovation of the French housing stock. As of September 1, 2014, the CIDD is thus simplified and strengthened.

    • The energy transition bill reformed the CIDD by granting it a single rate of 30% tax reduction, instead of the 15 to 25% originally planned for the year 2014.
    • The other major development of sustainable development credit: the obligation to carry out a work package to benefit from the CIDD is lifted.
    • With the housing stimulus plan, the CIDD extends to individual meters of heating and hot water (in order to allow everyone to better control its consumption) and charging points of electric vehicles (to support their development ).

    Sustainable development credit, eco-conditionality on 1 January 2015

    In order to benefit from the CIDD in 2015, it is essential for the individual to call on a recognized environmental professional (RGE).

    This eco-conditionality is part of the Habitat Energy Renovation Plan, aimed at households wishing to carry out energy renovation work on their old housing.

    RGE is issued by a specialized qualification or certification body. This qualification is granted only to companies with the necessary qualifications for the implementation of energy work, eligible for state aid such as the CIDD.

    Qualifications: Qualit'EnR, Qualifelec, Qualibat.
    Certifications: Cequami, Certibat.

    The works concerned:

    • Installation of a condensing or micro-CHP boiler
    • Installation of insulating exterior joinery
    • Laying insulation materials
    • Installation of energy, heat and hot water production equipment, using renewable energies (heat pump, solar, biomass, etc.)
    • Installation of the underground heat exchanger of geothermal heat pumps

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