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Safe end of year celebrations

The end of year festivities bring a lot of surprises and happy moments but can sometimes end in disaster: cuts, burns, fire, carbon monoxide poisoning. The Attitude Prevention Association gives tips on how to avoid domestic accidents and how to make the whole family safe during the Christmas season.

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A safe Christmas tree

Christmas trees are the key to a successful holiday decor. There are several types: the natural fir, the artificial fir or the flocked fir. The latter should never be placed near a heat source as it is the most flammable. On the decoration side, if we choose electric garlandsthey must be designed for the interior and not for the outdoors.

A secure chimney

To reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and the risk of fire when having a chimney, it is essential to clean the ventilation systems and to check the heating installations. Do not forget the chimney sweeping. To do this, it is advisable to call a professional. In addition, if you have an open fireplace, you must install a firewall in front of.

Do not hurt yourself while cooking

Children should not approach hot dishes and glasses of alcohol that might be found in the kitchen. They could get burned or finish the glasses without paying attention. This is the most dangerous room of the house: knives, hot stoves, falls... Here are the tips of the association Attitude Prevention to cook safely:
For open the oysters it is necessary to have a suitable knife and to carry out the operation with the greatest precaution.

  1. Protect your hands by putting on silicone gloves.
  2. Take the oyster in the palm of his hand.
  3. Insert the knife into the oyster.
  4. Leverage with the knife.
To flambé a dish, you must turn off the hood before cracking his match.
Be careful when opening a bottle of champagne *! The caps can jump in the eyes and according to the association, they are the first cause of accidental blindness. It is therefore necessary to always keep a hand on the cap.
* Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume with moderation.

Choosing toys for children

To provide age-appropriate toys for children to spoil, read the manufacturer's instructions on the boxes. If you want to offer a soft toy, we check its strength by pulling it and if it works with batteries we make sure that the case is solid and held by a screw.
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