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4 practical techniques to detach petrol on a garment

A few drops of gasoline on a garment are enough to leave visible traces and a strong smell. Do not wash the garment in question with the other cloths in the machine, otherwise all the clothes will smell of gasoline. It must be washed alone with specific products such as ammonia or soda crystals.

Tips for effectively cleaning a gas stain

Various products can effectively clean a stain of gasoline on a garment like the example of theammonia and soda ash.

To clean a garment stained with gasoline with ammonia, here are the steps:

  1. Pour a few drops ofammonia on a damp cloth;
  2. Dab the petrol stain with the linen;
  3. Repeat if necessary
  4. Wash the garment with the usual laundry.

To clean a garment stained with gasoline with crystals of soda, here are the steps:

  1. Dissolve soda ash in a little water to get a paste;
  2. Apply the paste on the stain;
  3. Leave on for two minutes, then rub;
  4. Rinse and machine wash with the usual detergent.

Washing a petrol-stained garment in water, without the addition of a specific product, will cause the gasoline to penetrate more into the fibers. he is also essential to prewash before putting it in the machine.

Lemon, talc and Marseille soap to eliminate a stain of gasoline

If the fuel has spilled on a small area, it can be cleaned with lemon juice. Simply:

  1. Pour lemon juice over the stain;
  2. Rub the stain, then rinse thoroughly.

The lemon eliminates the stain as well as the smell.

If the stain is large enough, it is advisable to:

  1. Sprinkle the stain with talc ;
  2. Cover with some sheets of absorbent paper;
  3. Iron with a hot iron;
  4. Then clean with Marseille soap and machine wash.

If there still remains a smell of gasoline on the garment, it will be plunged into a bucket containing thevinegar water. It will then be washed in a machine and dried in the open air. White vinegar is effective in neutralizing odors.

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