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To demolish a chimney is not a project that can be improvised. It is important to think carefully about the procedure to follow and to seek professional advice to avoid any risk of collapse. Once demolished, it's up to you to choose which heating solution is best suited.

Why demolish an old fireplace?

There are many reasons that can make you want to demolish an old fireplace. The first is if the chimney is in Too bad condition to renovate. Indeed, if the costs of renovations are higher than those to install a new one, it is better to destroy everything to start on a good basis. It is also possible to demolish your fireplace if you want to create more space in your room or if the location of your old fireplace does not suit you. But be careful, before you start the operation, find out about the feasibility of the project because there are certain precautions to take to avoid any risk of collapse.

Precautions to take to demolish an old chimney

Before anything else, consult a contractor or architect who will tell you if it is possible to demolish your chimney and what are the precautions to take before starting work.
In fact, if you live in a multi-storey house and want to remove the chimney on the ground floor, know that the duct passes through the different floors and that if you remove the base, it will no longer be supported and may collapse. If your house is on one level, then the question does not arise. To demolish your chimney, always start at the top of the hood.

Remove an old chimney: alternative solutions

Once your old fireplace is demolished, you have different options. You can choose from create a niche to install a decorative fireplace. Totally safe for your children, it still offers the spectacle of "false" flames of a fire. To heat the wood, you also have the solution of the wood stove or pellets. Very economical and very ecological, it offers the comfort of wood heating without the inconveniences of a fireplace.

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