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The heat pump is a particularly economical means of heating. It is still necessary to choose the right system and the right equipment. The point on the subject in 5 questions-answers.

Should the start of a CAP be entrusted to a professional?

In the case of a ready-to-install air-to-air heat pump, is the intervention of a technician for the commissioning necessary? When you have the ability to manipulate fluids in the car, can you do it yourself?

Decree dating from December 2015 requires that anyone wielding refrigerants must hold a "certificate of ability to handle refrigerantsIf this is your case, it is sufficient, to install an air conditioning kit, to provide this certificate to the seller.If otherwise, the seller must put you in contact with a person authorized to commission the pump The obligation to use an authorized technician often determines the guarantee of the equipment.

Which model of heat pump to choose?

Several quotes were made for the replacement of an electric boiler by a heat pump in a house of 2012 with 7 radiators on the floor, a floor heating hydraulic on the ground floor and a floor surface of 160 m2. How to navigate among all the quotes? Which models and brands of PAC have the best value for money? Does this type of equipment allow you to benefit from the 30% tax credit?

As far as CAPs are concerned, the brands Hitachi, Hoertli, Atlantic, Panasonic... have a good reputation.
But since the electric boiler is probably new considering the age of the house, it may be interesting to keep it for the coldest periods, where the efficiency of the heat pump decreases sharply and where a strong stress can cause premature failures.. This advice is particularly applicable in regions with cold winters, the CAP can then become, too, very expensive in operation.
As to tax credit 30% on the equipment, it remains valid until... 31/12/2018. Beyond, the device will change and move to direct subsidization.

What type of heat pump to associate with central heating radiators?

In a house of 150 m2Is it possible to replace the oil fired central heating with a heat pump, while preserving the existing radiators? Will the heat pump be enough to heat the house, knowing that it is located in PACA? Which product is proven? What cost should we expect?

The question does not specify the age of the house, its degree of insulation, nor the altitude. In fact, housing can be located both in PACA and at altitude, and therefore experience relatively large cold episodes.
PACs (necessarily air / water or water / water) are well suited to temperate climates, but their performance is greatly reduced when outside temperatures are around 0° C, especially in a configuration with radiators. The Water / water PAC have the highest returns, but the investment is heavy. The Air / water PAC are less efficient, but much simpler to implement.
A heat pump is a complex system that must work for years while being exposed to heat, cold, frost... It is therefore important to move towards reputed brands and having a efficient after-sales service.
The costs are very variable, from 10,000 to 30,000 euros depending on the brand, model, power, mode (air / water or water / water)
Once the estimate has been obtained, it is necessary to estimate (which is not always simple) the possible consumption savings to deduct the depreciation period. The latter must not exceed ten years. Beyond this period, maintenance costs may increase, never to allow the system to be depreciated.
In general, the higher the initial fuel consumption, the more likely the operation is to be profitable.

Should I invest in a heat pump in boiler relief?

A house of 1997, on one level with a 145m closed mezzanine2, is heated by propane with a classic boiler that is the same age as the house. This heating system is expensive. Can it be replaced or associated with an air / water heat pump? The living room also has a recent wood stove.

The idea of ​​having a air / water heat pump in combination with an existing boiler is particularly interesting in the case of propane, quite expensive energy. The heat pump operates up to + 6/7° C outside temperature, with the boiler taking over for the lowest temperatures, where the heat pump becomes much less profitable. Hence the interest of keeping the boiler.
To hope for a consistent use of this tandem, the boiler must work properly and its performance is still acceptable. It is also important for the CAP to have a recognized brand, quality equipment and to verify that the after-sales service is efficient in the region. A heat pump is a compressor, refrigerant, electronic components, valves, valves... a material that does not support near-term and call prices. It is also essential that the CAP is properly installed by a professional with the Quali'ENR or Qualibat label. AFPAC has set good practices for the installation of CAMPs.

Is it profitable to replace electric heaters with a heat pump?

To replace 13-year old heat transfer radiators, is the acquisition of an air / air heat pump with a thermodynamic balloon (brand Airwell) a good solution? The house is 73 m2 and everything works with electricity (induction hob, oven...). The electricity bill amounts to 1300 € per year. What savings will be possible to achieve?

It is clear that electricity consumption will be reduced with these new acquisitions. But even if a PAC air / air restores more calories than it consumes (up to 4 times more depending on the model) and if a thermodynamic water heater is very economical, difficult to think that the bill will be divided by 3, or even 4.
Before embarking on a major investment, it is advisable to have a thermal analysis of the house to appreciate the quality of its insulation. This is usually the point that allows the best return on investment.

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