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The motorization of gates or garage doors with remote control is an element of comfort, but also of safety, avoiding having to stop more or less prolonged. The different existing systems can pose a number of problems. The answers to the main questions can be found in this sheet.

What kind of motorization for a swing gate?

How to motorize an aluminum swing gate (total width 3.60 m, height 1.25 m)? What to choose between worm or auger? Which brand to prefer? Is solar energy reliable or is it better to bring electricity?

There are three different solutions for motorizing a portal:
- with articulated arm,
- with jack,
- rack and pinion,
- in the axis (can practiced).
Articulated arm gates are the simplest and most economical. Bringing the power supply is more reliable, cheaper and more durable. The solar panels and battery systems are very reliable, even in low sunlight. They dispense heavy work of supplying a specific line from the electrical panel.

Advise a brand is difficult. The most famous brands (Somfy, Avidsen, Cam, Horrmann, etc.) and generally the most expensive, are to remember for a portal that will be maneuvered daily or even several times a day. For more timely use, entry-level products may be suitable.

How to install a motorized sliding gate?

What are the errors to avoid when installing a motorized sliding gate and a gate? There will be no concrete pillars but metal posts. What to do about electricity?

Install a sliding gate imposes to have a lateral clearance sufficient to be able to open the portal. Such a project involves make a concrete sill. This sill serves as a support for the stainless steel rail which is fixed on it. The length of this sill is equal to that of the sliding gate multiplied by two. In fact it is necessary to provide the discharge of the sliding gate when it is open.
Electrically, it takes a 220 volt power supply connected to a 30 mA differential circuit breaker. Some equipment may benefit from a power system not mini-panel (x) solar (s).
Some manufacturers offer metal posts that will need to be mechanically fixed to a specific concrete foundation. Overall, the installation of a sliding gate is simple, but it requires rigor and precision, particularly in terms of engine installation and stroke adjustment. A security device is required.

Which engine for a tilting garage door?

Is it possible to motorize an overflowing garage door, and if so with what equipment?

There is a wide range of engines, including kits, for tilting garage doors. It must be chosen according to the model of the door, its weight, its surface and the total height of the opening. Several solutions are possible:
- by jack,
- by chain,
- by rack and pinion.
If it is difficult to pull a power line, it is possible to opt for a solar garage door operator.

Install a solar engine to open a garage door

Is it possible to install solar panels that will feed the automatic opening of a gate in a box to park the car without electricity? This garage is in a subdivision.

In a subdivision, if it is less than 10 years old and if there is a subdivision by-law (which is generally the case), one can not consider doing work without consulting the Association Syndicale des Proprietaires. The regulation "falls" after 10 years, and must then comply with the general rules of the PLU (Local Urban Plan) or the POS (Land Use Plan). It is possible, however, that the boxes are in co-ownership. This requires the agreement of the trustee and / or the Annual General Meeting.

It is quite possible to motorize a garage door and feed it with solar energy.

Which motorization for a sliding gate?

Which engine to choose for a future aluminum sliding gate of 4.50 m wide?

There are two types of motors for sliding gate:
- by rail on the ground,
- freestanding.
The rail system on the ground is the simplest. It is suitable for all types of gate, including the heaviest. The engine is much less stressed than that of a gate with articulated arms.
The self-supporting system is derived from equipment used in industrial sites, where the repeated passage of vehicles and trucks may damage a rail on the ground. This system, very elegant, is only suitable for light gates, PVC or aluminum (which is the case).

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