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Plaster tiles are perfect for mounting partitions. Rigid, they assemble easily and quickly and offer good sound insulation. The point on the subject in 5 questions-answers.

How to ripen a door in a plasterboard partition?

To condemn a kitchen door in a plasterboard partition, how should one proceed? Are there several solutions to make this openness disappear?

For condemn a dooryou have to start with drop it. Disassemble any chopsticks covering the frame of the door (fixed frame with hinges). Cut the grinder between the frame and the wall to remove the frame of the door. Use a cutting disc adapted to the nature of the wall, or a grooving machine. Wear clothing, a mask and goggles. Close the door with plaster tiles the thickness of the partition, easy to work.

It is also possible to make a double partition on the whole of the plasterboard partition wall, on both sides of it, thus masking the door (without even dismounting it, but by removing the handle and the chopsticks periphery).

Can plasterboard partitions support a roof?

In a room of 5 x 6 x 2.5 m, can we make a roof on 4 partitions of plaster tiles? Said roof to be mounted either with Plexiglass, or with polycarbonate sheets or thermo-acoustic dubbing. Can plasterboard walls carry a frame that would support this roof?

Plaster tiles are not load bearing and can not under any circumstances support such a structurenor any other, by the way. Plaster tiles are used primarily to create partitions inside a house or to make certain structures of arrangement. It is not possible to use it to mount load-bearing elements which, moreover, would be subjected to bad weather. Even when taking waterproof tiles, the structure would not last long without waterlogging. On the other hand, it is possible to use cellular concrete tiles, in a thickness to be determined according to the load to bear.

The most logical way to avoid losing space inside the building and to solidify everything would be to constitute a external wood framewho will be able to support the weight of the roof. It will then be possible to insulate and bard it to obtain a stronger and weather-resistant construction.

Can we build plaster tiles on floating floors?

In a room with floating floors, is it possible to build a plasterboard closet? If yes, how do you go about making the seat? Should we cut the floor so that the plaster tiles rest directly on the slab?

It is never advisable to establish a partition or a building on a floating floors. Nevertheless, it is not advisable, either, to cut a floating floor. If it is stable and good thickness, however, it is possible to take the risk of mounting the tiles on the floating floor, classically interposing a resilient tape or one PVC U-profile.
Be careful not to "bridle" the construction on the ceiling, making sure to leave a day of 0.5 to 1 cm filled with plaster or plaster.

Do you need a special glue to mount water-resistant plaster tiles?

The partitions of a bathroom must be mounted in waterproof plaster tiles? Is it essential to use a specific glue to assemble this type of tile?

It is strongly recommended to use the "hydro" glue for gypsum tiles intended for a damp room (bathroom in particular) in order to guarantee a perfect seal at the joints and to prevent their degradation under the effect of the ambient humidity. The extra cost of a bag of glue is minimal and it is an additional guarantee of good sealing. Placol Hydro glue is excellent for this purpose.

Should we fix a plasterboard partition to the ceiling?

A plasterboard partition 7 cm thick is mounted between a bedroom and a living room. Should it be fixed with legs on the beams of the frame for resonance issues?

A gypsum wall partition must be anchored laterally (harp) on perpendicular walls, but it must never be attached to the ceiling or its beams, otherwise it will quickly split under the effect of trepidations in the upper room. Move on from 0.5 to 1 cm between the top of the partition and the ceiling, empty that will be filled with plaster or with polyurethane foam (for better noise filtration).

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