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  • 7. Energy renovation: special financial assistance for the most modest households
  • The housing revival plan or Plan Pinel, is here to simplify and shorten the procedures leading to an agreement of the administration for the start of construction. Building permits thus see their derogation periods revised downwards for 2015.

    Derogation of building permit: disabling delays

    The number of building permits granted and started, has plummeted since the end of 2012. A decrease confirmed over the first three quarters of 2014 with a significant decrease of 17%.

    In early 2014, the President of the Republic Francois Hollande, asked the Minister of Housing Cécile Duflot, to provide a reform of the building permit.

    Regulatory measures aimed in particular the deadlines for granting the permit, in order to diminish them.

    This demand comes directly within the framework of the simplification of the life of companies and the construction of housing.

    The building permit, gives the means to the administration to verify that a construction project complies with the urban planning rules in force.
    The construction of a house or a building is therefore subject to many standards (3700) that can significantly slow down construction projects.

    Pinel Plan and revision of the building permit

    In order to increase the supply of new housing, the 2014 recovery plan therefore shorten the time required to obtain building permits. The validity period of these permits are when to them extended from two to three years.

    These measures should help support the construction of 30 000 intermediate dwellings, planned in "tense" zones, within the next five years.

    An increase in housing supply, also allowed by the exceptional intervention of the State and the Caisse des Dépôts.

    In order to promote the construction of social housing, the Pinel plan provides for a second measure concerning building permits:

    • From the 1st of January 2015, the prefects of the regions will have the possibility of issuing building permits, in municipalities not fulfilling their obligations in terms of social housing, set by the law SRU.

    The SRU law, dated December 13, 2000, relates to solidarity and urban renewal.

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