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The terrace on stilts, or suspended terrace, is a completely original construction which makes more and more followers. Its installation is not easy and usually requires the intervention of a professional. But the aesthetic result and the advantages of the stilt wooden terraces justify the investment required at the start.

The fundamentals of a terrace on stilts

The principle of a terrace on stilts is to build a raised frame, covered with wooden strips, which is supported on a set of vertical poles (piles). This type of construction can be done whatever the soil, and even above the water. Stilt wood decks can be attached to the house or be part of the continuation of a balcony. The access can be done by the windows of the floor or by an external staircase.

Regarding administration, only terraces of one greater than 20m² must obtain a building permit. But it is still recommended to inquire with his commune before starting work.

An aesthetic and practical solution

The wooden terraces on stilts give character and an original touch to a house. It is therefore not surprising that more and more homeowners are turning to this solution for aesthetic reasons.

But many other advantages can be added to the choice of a suspended terrace. First, this installation allows you to circumvent the problems of unevenness of certain terrains that do not allow the construction of a terrace on one level. It also saves space on the outside, almost an extra room, which allows you to enjoy the garden and the view.

A pose that requires technical knowledge

The choice of a terrace on stilts is very judicious but it is necessary to take account all the same of some disadvantages. First, the price. The installation requires specific tools, items and supplies that drive up the bill. But above all, the installation of a wooden deck on stilts requires the knowledge of professionals. Indeed its implementation is quite difficult for a novice, especially since we must not neglect some rules and standards of safety.

Before starting the work, it is necessary to establish a plan and then the preparation of the soil. Before placing the studs, the levels are checked and the terrace is placed with a slight slope to facilitate the evacuation of water. For security reasons, guardrails are put in place all around the terrace at a regulatory height.

Building a wooden deck on stilts can not be improvised!

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