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In the majority of cases, a failed collage owes nothing to the glue used, but rather to misuse. To obtain a perfect assembly, it is necessary to respect some basic instructions.

Read the labels

Respect the temperature conditions to use an adhesive

The temperature and hygrometric conditions indicated must be scrupulously respected: below 10° C, some products have difficulty drying.

Respect the setting times

Observe the setting time of the glue

With each product its setting time: the glues stick instantly, the neoprene must dry 5 to 10 minutes before the two pieces come into contact...

Prepare the supports

Clean the support before applying the glue

Dust the object with a brush, a brush or, ideally, a vacuum cleaner. Degrease then with a solvent (alcohol, acetone...) or a detergent.

Strip surfaces

Strip surfaces

Painted, varnished or coated surfaces (wallpaper, etc.) should be stripped, even drawn if necessary, and free of residue.

Apply the right amount of product

Respect the amount of glue to use

In most cases, a thin film of glue is sufficient. The quantity of product to be applied is generally indicated on the package.

Clean the burrs immediately

Remove excess glue immediately

After drying, it is too late to eliminate them. Use a solvent or a damp cloth to remove all traces on the object and on the tip of the glue tube.

Use a tightening tool

Hold assembled parts during glue drying

During the drying time, the assembled parts must remain stationary. Clamping tools must be ready for use and at hand.

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