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Recycle plastic bottles to make small objects

It is not recommended to reuse the plastic bottle to conserve water for consumption, but it is possible to use it for other purposes. With a little DIY, it turns into a pretty vase, flowerpot or piggy bank. Here are some ideas for cleverly transforming plastic bottles.

Make a piggy bank with a plastic bottle

To encourage children to save money, just make a pretty piggy bank. You need: a plastic bottle, a colored paper, glue and a cutter. Here are the steps to make one from a plastic bottle:

  1. Cut the bottle at the center and remove about 5 cm to reduce the size.
  2. Re-glue the two large pieces of bottle using glue.
  3. Make a slot to enter the currency.
  4. Cover the body of the bottle with colored paper. Secure with glue.
  5. Pass the cutter on the corresponding part to the slot of the bottle.
  6. Draw eyes and ears with a marker.

Make a bird feeder with a plastic bottle

The manual activities help to whet the natural curiosity of the children, but also to avoid them being bored during the holidays. To change designs of flowers or animals, why not make bird feeders with them? In addition, they will see the utility of the object they have made and will be aware of the importance of caring for these small animals and the environment. To make a bird feeder, you need: a plastic bottle, a string, a cutter, glue, a round aluminum dish and paint. Here are the steps to make a bird shelter:

  1. Draw an opening on the body of the bottle with a felt.
  2. Cut the opening with a cutter, it should be about 8 cm wide.
  3. Make holes in the bottle to accommodate a perch.
  4. Bring a small wooden stick into the holes as a perch.
  5. Drill a hole in the cap to pass a string with a large knot at the end to keep it in place. The other end of the string will be attached to the branch on which the bird feeder is suspended.
  6. Decorate the bottle by sticking leaves and twigs on the outside of the bottle.
  7. Place some pebbles in the bottom of the bottle to stabilize it.
  8. Fill the feeder with food: sunflower seeds, millet, bread crumbs...
  9. Hang the feeder in a plastic bottle in the garden.

To make mini-greenhouses

When it's cold, fragile plants should be protected from freezing. Plastic bottles can be processed to protect plants individually. Just cut the bottle in half to get a kind of bell with the top. Then remove the cap and place the bottle on the pot to protect the plant. On each mini-greenhouse, the name of the seedling is inscribed to avoid confusion.

Make flower pots with plastic bottles

You must bring a plastic bottle, a chisel, a used CD and a glue. Here are the steps to make original flower pots:

  1. Cut the bottle in half;
  2. Paint the two halves and the CD with a spray of paint;
  3. Let dry completely;
  4. Flip the top half of the bottle and stick the cap on the CD;
  5. Fill with soil and plant flowers or aromatic herbs.
To make a flowerpot without using a CD, simply turn the upper part over and place it on the base of the bottle. Remove the cap so that water can flow smoothly into the bottom of the bottle.

Make a sound amplifier with a plastic bottle

Here is the trick to amplify the sound of the mobile phone with the means of the edge: two plastic bottles, a roll of toilet paper and a cutter. Here are the steps of manufacturing:

  1. Cut the two bottles in half and keep the two bases.
  2. Make a crack in the roll of toilet paper to make between the base of the phone.
  3. Draw an opening of the size of the toilet paper on the side of each bottle.
  4. Cut out the openings.
  5. Press one end of the toilet paper into the opening of one bottle and the other end into the other bottle. The two bottles are now connected thanks to the toilet paper.
  6. Place the phone in the slot on the toilet paper and start the music.
  7. The sound will be amplified by passing through the roll and then into the two bottles.

Make a hanging garden with a plastic bottle

It is possible to grow all kinds of plants even if it lacks space to install a garden. Just create a hanging garden. To do this, simply bring a few empty bottles, a cutter and a roll of string. The manufacturing steps of the hanging garden are:

  1. Clean bottles and dry;
  2. Cut a rectangular opening on the ventral side of the bottle;
  3. Cut out about 1 meter of string;
  4. Make a slip knot at each end of the string;
  5. Thread the first knot on the cap and the other knot at the other end of the bottle;
  6. Add soil inside the bottle.
This small hanging garden is perfect for planting aromatic herbs, salads, cherry tomatoes... The ideal is to have several and hang the bottles at different heights.

Make a pouf with a plastic bottle

It is possible to manufacture a design and economic pouf with plastic bottles. We need to bring together thirty empty bottles, two wooden boards of round shape (about 30 cm in diameter), a large scotch, a sponge (about 5 cm thick) and a cover.

  1. Place four bottles side by side and tighten together with several layers of tape;
  2. Surround this first set with other bottles by wrapping each time several layers of tape;
  3. Repeat the process until the diameter formed by the bottles reaches that of the wooden boards;
  4. Place a board under the bottles and the second board on the bottles;
  5. Secure securely with tape;
  6. Place a sponge on the pouf;
  7. Also cover the sides with a sponge;
  8. Cover everything with a cloth cover.
This pouf is both light and cozy. It can be customized by changing the cover cover. The latter can be velvet, fur, natural fibers...

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