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8 handy things to do with empty PQ rolls

The roll of toilet paper lends itself to many transformations and can truly make everyday life easier. It's easy to give it a second life. The recycling of this everyday object helps to preserve the environment. Here are some nice ideas for turning the roll of toilet paper.

Flower pots

As they are made of cardboard, the rolls of toilet paper are biodegradable. They are perfect for placing seedlings. The advantage is that the biodegradable pot is placed directly in the ground when it is time to transfer the plant. It is no longer necessary to remove the plant from its packaging, because the cardboard dissolves gradually and lets the roots flourish without any worry.
Here are the steps to make the pot:

  1. Make four cuts on one end of the roll;
  2. Fold the cuts inwards;
  3. Fill the roll of soil and cover the seedlings;
  4. Write the name of the plant on the cardboard.
After a few weeks, depending on the plant, the pot is directly buried in the garden. With this trick, the plant is not likely to lose some roots because of improper handling.

Storage for small cars

For children who like to collect small cars, this storage made from rolls of toilet paper is very practical. To make this storage, bring a rectangular cardboard or a wooden box, glue and rolls of toilet paper. Just align the rolls of toilet paper in the carton. The rolls must be glued together to make the storage more secure. Place the carton upright and store the small cars inside the rollers.

Pencil pots

To encourage children to store their belongings, it is necessary to provide them with appropriate storage for each object. Storage for pens and pencils should be convenient and easily accessible.
The pencil pot with rolls of toilet paper is available at will. It can be placed horizontally, vertically, in a carton...
For the horizontal pot, you must:

  1. Position three rollers side by side horizontally;
  2. Stick the rollers together;
  3. Place two rolls on top and stick;
  4. Add a last roll all the way up and stick.

Make a towel ring

To impress guests without spending a dime, napkins can be held with an original napkin ring made from rolls of toilet paper. To obtain a nice result, it is necessary to devote a minimum of time to the decoration of the outline. The transformation of the roll of toilet paper into a round table is very simple, just:

  1. Cut a roll in three or four to get rings;
  2. Customize the rings by painting them or by sticking dried flowers on them;
  3. Let dry and use as a towel ring.
The success of this technique depends largely on personalization. Do not hesitate to stick twigs, flowers, small shells or glitter on the napkin rings so they are more elegant.

Create a bird feeder

Here is a very simple way to make a bird feeder. Just put a string inside the roller to hang it on a tree. The roll is then coated with peanut butter, then rolled in bird food. It only remains to hang the feeder on a tree, the birds will not be long in coming to peck.

Make lanterns

Here are the steps to make pretty lanterns to hang in the garden during a birthday party or an aperitif with friends:

  1. Cover the roll with colored paper using glue;
  2. Take a colored paper slightly larger than the paper roll;
  3. Make nicks on the colored paper stopping 1 cm from the edge;
  4. Coat both edges of the notched paper with glue;
  5. Start by gluing the toilet paper in line with the edge of the roll;
  6. Glue the other edge to the base of the roll;
  7. The notched paper should take the shape of a pear around the roll of toilet paper;
  8. Glue a paper ribbon to the top of the toilet paper to hang the candle.

To pack candies

At a birthday, the roll of toilet paper can be used to wrap candies to offer to children. To make them, you need origami paper sheets, colored sheets of paper, rolls of toilet paper, a roll of string, a gift wrap, a double-sided tape, rhinestone stickers, glue, a cutter and scissors. Here are the steps:

  • Adhere tape to a horizontal strip of rollers;
  • Glue the sheets of origami paper on the rolls;
  • Decorate paper tubes as you wish with rhinestones and sheets of colored paper;
  • Fill the candy rolls;
  • Cut a gift box twice as wide as the roll;
  • Wrap the roll like a candy and secure both ends with a string.

Make mini-pinatas

To liven up birthday parties, nothing like a pinata. Why not make it yourself with rolls of toilet paper? Once the necessary materials are assembled (ribbons, candies, toys, rolls of toilet paper, glue, tissue paper, tape, string and scissors), here are the steps:

  1. Take the tissue paper and cut small 5 x 5 cm squares;
  2. Incise an "x" in the center of the squares;
  3. Scotch the paper squares at the base of the rolls;
  4. Attach a string over the opening using a small strip of adhesive;
  5. Fold an accordion sheet of tissue paper and cut strips 4 cm wide;
  6. Then cut fringes leaving a band about 1 cm wide;
  7. Glue the strips with fringes around the cardboard rolls;
  8. Glue two or three strings of Bolduc 8 cm inside the cardboard tube;
  9. Fill the rolls with toys and candies;
  10. Tie with a solid string and secure to the ceiling.

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