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The GA is a meeting that concerns all co-owners, it is essential to the good management of the building and its maintenance. But how does this happen in case of absenteeism of one or more of the co-owners? What are your rights and duties? Follow the guide.

What voting rules for absent co-owners?

At the general meeting of co-owners, each vote counts. Thus all co-owners present, represented or even absent will influence the decisions voted. In some cases, however, the opinion of non-voters will not be taken into account.

  • Majority rules applied during the votes of resolutions in general meetings of co-ownership:
Majority requiredVoting rules
Simple majorityMajority of the votes cast by the co-owners present or represented. The absent co-owners are not taken into consideration.
Absolute majorityMajority of votes of all co-owners - including absentees, represented or not - or unanimity.
Double majority

Absence at a general meeting of co-ownership: the consequences

The general meeting of co-owners is punctuated by the agenda sent to the co-owners at least 21 days before the meeting. This one presents all the resolutions that will be voted. During the vote, all these resolutions require a different majority according to their importance.
As a result, in some cases, a absenteeism important can lead to an impossibility of action during the meeting and thus block resolutions.
Otherwise, the co-owner is absent must accept all decisions that were voted during the meeting at the risk of unpleasant surprises. His only recourse remains the request for a payment in installments in the case of a vote of work of improvement of the building.

As far as possible, it is therefore advised to be represented. To do this, it is a question of making the request to a co-owner who has chosen to participate in the meeting or even to appoint a proxy outside the co-ownership which will vote on your behalf.
Do not hesitate to contact your syndic of co-ownership, your union council or even an association of co-owners in case of doubt.

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