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The toilet is not always easy for some handicaps. When the furniture and equipment are adapted, the daily gestures are facilitated.

Special bathroom for PMR

Optimize the space in the bathroom for PMR

Space-saving solution, this furniture is composed of two drawers, a basin (on which a sliding shelf allows to use the entire surface of the toilet) and a chair (box-shaped) mounted on wheels and having a dirty laundry basket on his back. After use, the chair is stored under the basin. This furniture is available alone or with a swivel mirror equipped with LED lighting. Dim. (W x H x W): 52 x 85 x 100 cm.

Bathroom cabinet for PMR

Vita Confort: Concept'Care, € 1,200 (furniture and mirror).

Facilitate the toilet of the PMR

Supporting 150 kg, this suspended basin (full-body synthetic resin and thick a little more than 1 cm) allows the toilet in sitting position. Inclined at 11°, concave shape, and having edges designed to serve as armrest, it also facilitates the approach of a wheelchair, while allowing its rotation through the siphon offset.

To wash

Vita Confort: Flight vanity top, € 799.

Special washbasin for PMR

Treat sanitary facilities for PMK

Designed for ceramic, acrylic or resin tubs and receivers, these anti-slip products apply to the roller and facilitate maintenance. To renew every three to five years for ceramics, and definitive treatment for acrylic and resin (wet sand effect).

Anti slip treatment

Vita Confort: Stabi'bain acrylic, the kit (2 vials of epoxy, 1 sachet of mineral microbeads, 1 tray, 1 keyer, a roll and 1 pair of gloves) 69 €; Stabi'bain ceramic, 49 € 250 ml can.

Toilet with support for PMR

Sanitary space for people with reduced mobility

Secure the supports

This aluminum toilet frame is easy to install and remove in front of the bowl. Its feet are equipped with anti-slip tips, and its armrests guarantee good stability. Supports up to 100 kg.

Toilet frame

Dupont Medical: vanilla toilet frame, 40 €.

Keep your privacy when you are a PRM

The narrow gauge of this commode has been designed for cramped configurations. It unfolds in five simple actions, achievable with one hand and fits bowls up to 47 cm high. He can receive under his pierced seat, a special basin, converting it into a mobile toilet. Supports a weight up to 130 kg.

Wheelchair for toilets

Axsol: WheelAble commode, € 1,187.

Elevate the bowl

To have a higher bowl, the solution is simply to replace it with a raised model. Like these toilets, whose seat is 10 cm higher than the standard bowls (50 cm high).

Raise a toilet bowl

Lapeyre: WC Aquanéo, 200 €.

Install washbasins

Integrated in the bowl, a jet cleaner ensures the intimate hygiene of users. The oscillating jet is set at body temperature, with adjustable intensity. These toilets are equipped with a simple control panel and an intuitive remote control.

WC washing

Geberit: Suspended AquaClean Sela, € 2,700.


Adapt an intimate shower

Adapted to the intimate hygiene and rinsing of the toilet bowl, this shower is easily installed by diverting the water supply from the flush. The set includes a bypass tee, with an opening / closing valve, a 1.25 m hose, a hand shower (equipped with a trigger) and its wall mounting.


Vita Confort: shower kit for toilet, 50 €.

Set the bowl at the right height

Mounted on a motorized chassis, these toilets are usable by all the occupants of the house: by means of a remote control, each one regulates the bowl with good height (variable on 30 cm), thus making it possible to sit and to pick up without difficulty. The flush is drawn from the remote control. Max load: 150 kg.

Motorized chassis for toilet

SFA: Sanimatic WC, € 2,720.

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