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For an easy-going home, everything must be at hand, especially in a kitchen. Here are some ways to adapt your environment and gain autonomy.

Kitchen for PMR

Equip a kitchen for a person with reduced mobility

To put the high elements at hand, this company offers two types of development.

  • First option: the furniture is fixed on motorized sliding frames, just press a button (accessible on the edge of the worktop) for the cupboard to go down (or go up).
  • Second option: the wall cupboard is fixed, in this case, it is the inner shelves that slide, or tilt. The worktop including the sink can also be adjustable in height; in this configuration, no storage cabinet is provided below, to allow to approach the wheelchair and put the legs. The motorization adapts to the classic furniture proposed by the cooks. These developments require a load-bearing wall or reinforcement of drywall.

Wheelchair kitchen

CREE: height adjustable kitchen frame (adaptable to standard wall boxes), from € 2,384, and sink frame, € 1,000.

Accessible furniture for PMR

Roll his tray

Mounted on a design wheeled structure, this walker, narrow (54 cm wide) and handy, allows moving objects and meals. It is equipped with a brake bar, under the handle. The tray, under which can be housed a small bag (provided), is adjustable in height (from 83 to 94 cm), and can serve as a TV set.

walker indoor

Mobio: Rollator rollator, € 234.

Help movements

Designed for people with muscle weakness of the upper limbs, the joints of this mechanical arm facilitate movement by relieving the weight of the arm (from 900 g to 4.5 kg) while maintaining a natural gesture. To be fixed on a table, on a seat armrest, or on any other support. It is available in two versions: right arm or left arm.

Mechanical arm

Ergo Diffusion: Edero, € 2,632.

Pick up without bending

This vacuum cleaner is easily installed at the bottom of a kitchen cabinet with a baseboard. With a power of 600 W, it connects to 220 V, and requires no central vacuum. Once set up, it is opened like a drawer to change the bag. The control is triggered at the foot with a button on the front.

Autonomous vacuum cleaner

Vita Confort: vacuum cleaner for plinth, 200 €.

A salon adapted to the needs of the disabled

Adapted living room

Order windows

Housed in a vertical tube installed in the center of the bay (where the uprights overlap), this motor actuates the opening and closing of the bay from a wired remote control, radio or via a tablet. An anti-burglary system and stop in case of obstacle secures its use.

Motorize windows

Deprat: Tempo Win kit (tube available in 2.50 m or 3 m), 540 €.

Enhance the catch

High intake for PMR

To attach over an existing wall outlet, this extension cord allows you to connect and disconnect a power cord without having to bend down. In addition, it has a system facilitating the ejection of the plug.

Adapter to enhance a socket

Vita Confort: enhances Starplug grip, 39 €.

Driving his house from his smartphone

Practical, this system allows remote control heating, hot water, lighting, alarm, shutters and other equipment connected to the house from a computer, a smartphone or tablet, via a dedicated application ( free). Micro-modules (radio transmitters) must be installed in all outlets (switches, ceiling lights, shutter motors), to be connected to a single home automation controller that controls all the equipment in the house.

Control the house with home automation

Hager: Coviva, home automation controller 420 €, lighting micromodule 78 €, rolling shutter 73 €.

Phone packages for PMR

Orange offers many products and services to help people with disabilities. Among his offer, a smartphone equipped with a simplified interface or an application that transcribes the voice of its interlocutor into text and conversely (speech synthesis), or who gives his voice to the user. This internet service provider (ISP) also offers TV-Internet packages with the possibility of adapting the TV's parameters to its handicap (zoom and contrast on screen, subtitles, audio description...). O
In addition to the "Autonomy" spaces present in many of the network's banners, the operator has three shops dedicated to handicaps, motors and sensory devices (staff is trained, particularly in sign language, in Toulouse, Lyon and Paris).
Finally, the operator offers a dedicated internet address ensuring the connection with a counselor by type of disability (//

Phone package for PMR

Orange: Motamo Max mobile package, 12 € / month. Voice synthesis, 2 € / month. Internet package, 20 € / month.

Specially developed for seniors, the interface of this 4G smartphone is very simple. The screen displays the three basic functions (Call, View, Send), associated with pictograms. The user is accompanied step by step (via the screen) to discover the device and guide it in the manipulations that it wishes to make, in particular with intuitive pictograms.

Smartphone for seniors

Doro: Smartphone 8031, € 179 (excluding subscription to an operator).

SD Aging at home

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