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Cross a threshold, open a door, climb stairs, park... These actions can be facilitated by simple equipment or very high technology.

To circulate when one is a person with reduced mobility

Outdoor amenities for PMR

How to control access to the home?

This secure key box, built-in or protruding near the front door, allows nurses, housekeepers, and any other authorized person to enter the dwelling without having to keep the keys on them. A badge commands the opening of the cabinet, in which the keys are hooked to an electronic key fob (different colors). This system makes it possible to remotely control the inputs and outputs via the Internet. Relatives may authorize or cancel the opening fee free of charge on

secure key box

Intratone: key box with 3 electronic key rings, € 1,310 (additional key ring, € 4).

Crossing a wheelchair threshold

Facilitating the crossing of small obstacles such as thresholds of door or bay window, this folding sill ramp (dim.: 66 x 109 cm and height adjustable from 7.5 to 15 cm) can remain in place thanks to its central part that folds to allow the closing of a sliding leaf (1).

The manufacturer also offers a ramp (2) that adapts to all stair configurations by assembling modules (here, three modules dim.: 89 x 122 cm) to create pathways. Made of reinforced and non-slip fiberglass, it has a load capacity of 300 kg. It is available with one or two handrails, fixed or folding.

folding sill ramp

Axsol: 1 threshold ramp from 480 €.


2: access ramp from 750 € / m.

Install a lift

Alternative to the ramp, this elevator, suitable for outside and inside, settles down a staircase or on the side if the configuration allows it. Depending on the model, it adapts to straight and curved stairs. Its batteries (rechargeable via a mains connection) guarantee its operation in case of power failure. Foldable after use.

lift for PMR

Weintech: lift, from € 8,300 (for 4 steps with a total height of 70 cm on a straight staircase).

Help parking PMRs

To park the car easily, these parking lights to fix to the wall of the garage guide the driver. Composed of a housing equipped with an ultrasonic sensor connected to three traffic lights, the system emits audible and light signals (green, orange and red). Works with three LR06 AA batteries.

Parking lights to help parking a PMR

Hestec: garage help lights, distributed by Vita Confort, € 49.

Help to park

Interior fittings for PMR

Optimize indoor space for PMR

Illuminate dark areas

Plugged into a socket, this twilight night light with high intensity LED is triggered to illuminate the dark traffic areas. Operates in automatic mode and in manual mode with an on / off button.

Twilight night light in the air

Legrand: led night light, from 15 €.

Prevent PMR falls

By marking the ground and the points of support with photoluminescent antiskid adhesive tapeyou do not have to worry about moving at night. To stick on the stair nosing, along the banisters, on the skirting boards or on the wall... Creamy in the daytime, it emits a bright green light in the dark. Offered in roll of 5 meters (2.5 cm wide), it is easily cut with scissors.

Install a light sticky tape

Vita Confort: photoluminescent band, 149 €.

Anti-slip tape

  • More classic, there are anti-slip strips (dim.: 2 x 60 cm) to stick on the nose of steps.
Lapeyre: 8 € the batch of six bands.

Climbing steps when you are a person with reduced mobility

For people with reduced mobility, this staircase is transformed into lifting platform, with access ramp, allowing the crossing of a difference in level up to 1.25 m. A simple command, located under the banister, quickly activates the transformation. Beyond a minute without use, the platform takes its form of stairs.

Lift platform

ABC LIFT: Flexstep, from € 15,000.

Securing the entry of PRMs

Concentrated technologies, this armored door is equipped with an anti-burglar and anti-disengage system, a peephole, a surveillance camera... It is connected to a monitoring center partner of the manufacturer, which can trigger the alarm in the event of an alarm. Works with a subscription.

Reinforced door

Picard Locks: Connected Diamond door (up to 240 x 100 cm), around € 4,300, subscription of € 12 / month (with smartphone notifications) and € 5 / month extra with the BlueSecur remote monitoring service ( com).

Facilitate the opening of the doors of the PMR

To help open the doors, it is possible, depending on the needs, to opt for a simple ergonomic handle, that operates from the forearm, or opt for the motorization of the door. In this case, no effort is required: the opening and closing are controlled by a push button or via a sensor. Some models are equipped with lighting and an audible signal.

Facilitate the opening of doors

Vita Confort: Sensial ergonomic handle, 64 € (optional protection plate: 19 €).

Special handle for easy opening of doors

Automatic opening door

Hörmann: PortaMatic, about 540 €.

SD Aging at home

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