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Large cabin, built-in seat, half-height walls, extra-flat shower tray, access ramp... In terms of adapted shower, the offer is important and meets different needs.

equip a bathroom for a person with reduced mobility

A bathroom optimized for PMR

Ensure gripping
This shower wall (1) has a cutout to allow the passage of the hand to grasp the holding bar. We can also complete the shower by a second support bar, which also serves as a shower support.

Shower for PMR

Schulte: Solo Light wall (distributed by Vita Confort), 539 € (dim.: 90 x 200 cm).

Bar in a shower

Vita comfort: Leonardo support bar, 199 €.

Facilitate help with the toilet

To allow people with reduced mobility (or children) to get help with washing, these half-height shower screens provide access from the top while protecting the caregiver from splashing water. Two solutions are proposed by the manufacturer: the double door with full or partial opening (1), or the folding door half height (2), the upper part of the shower can be completed with a curtain. Fits niche installation (one door) or angle installation (two doors). AKW: shower door

Mid-height shower screen

Larenco Duo, 682 € (Sun. x H: 80 to 100 x 190 cm).

Special shower for PMR

Larenco, 455 € (Sun. x H: 80 to 120 x 90 cm)

Harmonize the decoration of the floor to the ceiling

Solution to decorate and equip a whole wet room, the Shower Concept integrates a wallcovering and PVC flooring (non-slip) waterproof. The installation is completed by a siphon and accessories (support profiles, junction, threshold bar, gutter grid, wall borders). Several colors and material effects to choose from.

Anti slip coating

Tarkett: Aquasens Shower Concept (excluding siphon and accessories), 83 € / m2.

Simplify shower access for PMK

Rather than replace an existing shower too high, the installation of an access ramp is a very simple solution to implement. Right handrail, or angled (fiberglass "cut"), as needed.

Access ramp for the shower

Acomodo: access ramp for shower, 183 €.

Love your shower

Made of stainless steel, this magnetic shower column includes a head shower, an anti-scald thermostatic mixing valve and a foot rinse. Magnetic bracelets serve as a bottle holder (€ 29 per set of three): they are placed where you want them to always be at hand. Ditto for the hand shower, it also magnetized. For added security, the shower column features a horizontal grab handle to help get up when using a seat or stand up while standing.

Magnetic shower

Vita Confort: Rain Care shower column, 699 €.

Create furniture to personalize your shower

Renovate your bathroom, customize your shower from A to Z, create furniture (shelves, furniture in basins...) to the bench, it is possible thanks to extruded polystyrene panels (Jackon, Wedi, Lux Elements...). Saw, cut at the right height, assemble, lay tile or other covering, and you're done. The flexibility of Jackon's Qboard Qreative panel allows for a round seat (our photo). Available in several thicknesses.

Customizing a shower stall

Jackon: Qboard Qreative soft panel, 36 € / m2.

Install a shower anywhere

This receiver allows you to install a new shower in a more accessible space, or to replace the existing, without having to dig a slab. It is equipped with a integrated lifting pump (on which a seat can sit), and a ramp. Extra-flat, non-slip, with access ramp, also available in version with remote lifting pump.

Accessible shower

SFA: Traymatic, 989 € (dim.: 90 x 90 cm with integrated or remote pump).

How to avoid sliding in the shower when you are a PMR?

Ultra-flat, this tray is manufactured in anti-slip enamel complying with the European standard PN 18. This is not a surface treatment, but a specific enamel baked at a very high temperature giving it this unalterable quality.

Anti-slip tray

Allia: Prima catcher, 456 € (dim.: 90 x 90 cm).

Anti-slip tray

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