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The radiator can embellish many practical and economical accessories. They thus make it possible to improve the efficiency of the apparatus, its aesthetics or even its comfort of use. Listing of the most useful radiator accessories, to follow in this article.

The saturator for radiator

The heat generated by the radiators (running on both electricity and gas) can dry the air in the room. Usually presented in the form of a small container that is filled with water, the radiator saturator uses the phenomenon of evaporation to humidify the ambient air. It is installed directly on the radiator thanks to a small fixing hook.

The radiator cover

An unattractive radiator can easily integrate into the decoration of a room thanks to the installation of a radiator cover. Practical, it is sometimes equipped with shelves.

It can however reduce the efficiency of the radiator but allows better directing its heat. The use of a blackout grid on chassis overcomes this problem and reduces the risk of burns.

Shelves or radiator top

Shelves improve the appearance of the radiator and can also serve as shelves. The radiator tops resist moisture and heat and can thus equip every radiator of the house. The use of a radiator shelf allows protect the walls since it prevents heat from rising.

Towel rack for radiator

The towel rail is an economical accessory of comfort, very useful when one does not have a towel radiator. It allows, in fact, to always have a dry towel and hot at the exit of the bath or the shower. The radiator towel rail can also be installed in a kitchen to extend the towels.

Reflector panels for radiator

The heat reflective panel or film is installed at the back of the radiator in order to return the heat to the inside of the room. It saves up to 7.5% of the heating bill. To properly return the radiator heat, the size of the panel must perfectly match the dimensions of the radiator.

Programming cassettes and radiator

These cassettes make it possible to program electric heaters. They do not install on all models of radiator but only on devices that can receive them. They thus allow a weekly programming of the heating, triggering for example during the hours of occupation of the house and extinguishing at the hours of absence.

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