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Properly fitting a dressing room makes it easy to organize and optimize storage capacity. Also, many accessories are now offered by manufacturers. Wardrobes, hanging rods, drawers and baskets, hanging storage... discover in this article the main dressing accessories.

Dressing accessories

Dressing accessories

Wardrobe accessories: the pedestals

The caissons are used as a structure for a dressing room to compose. These are available in different sizes and sizes, depending on your storage needs.

To create a dressing room, the independent boxes are then organized through a series of accessories, such as rods, drawers, hanging storage...

Corner cabinet or box right, the dressing fits your space, but must be equipped with doors (preferably sliding to save space).

The rod, unavoidable accessory of the dressing room

  • The telescopic wardrobe or retractable rod is both expandable and retractable. It adapts to all dressings, small and spacious.
  • Short rods which adapt perfectly to the reduced dimensions of a small dressing.
  • The tilting rodConvenient and space saving, which allows you to hang your clothes very high while remaining easily accessible.
  • The clothes rail perforated, clever hanging system for your hangers that avoids compressing clothes.

Hanging storage in a dressing room

  • The door-pants, sliding system ideal for hanging your pants without ever creasing or tamping.
  • The shoe rack hanging that allows you to store your shoes without taking up space, while keeping them easy to access.
  • The tie rack and carrier belts, equipped with a sliding system that allow to store effectively your ties and / or your belts. An accessory that requires very little space and fits very easily in dressing rooms.

Accessoirise a dressing room with drawers and baskets

A well organized dressing must naturally have storage drawers. To maximize functionality, note that there are "Bracket kits"clever system to divide the interior of a drawer into several well-defined compartments. The storage of your jewelry, belts, socks and underwear is thus greatly facilitated.

of the baskets can also be installed in your dressing room. When mounted on a sliding system, these baskets allow easy access to accessories and clothing they contain.

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