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Trenching is part of the excavation work required to build your home. But what are these trenches for, and how are they done? DuitDesign gives you the information to understand everything about this stage of building your home.

What are the trenches for?

The first trench that is set up on the ground of a future construction is used to evacuate the rainwater. Thanks to this trench, the digger and other construction workers can work in good conditions. But the trenches are not just for evacuating water.

The trenches also make it possible to set up the foundations of the house. For this, it is necessary that the soil is very stable and resistant.

Most of the time, the trenches are dug to allow connection to various public networks such as water, gas, electricity and telephone. The builders most often offer a package including all the elements necessary for the connection as well as digging the trench.

How to make trenches?

Before digging trenches, your land must be subject to a soil survey. This makes it possible to determine the type of soil as well as its specificities. Then, your digger will proceed with the excavation work, which includes earthworks, trenches and wells.

Trenches are excavated, and their location must be carefully in accordance with your construction plan. It is essential to leave it to a professional to dig the trenches and put in place the connections: indeed, minimum distances of safety between the different sheaths are to be respected, as well as radii of curvature for the evacuations of water.

Once the trenches are dug, they are then filled with two types of embankment: a filling embankment designed to avoid damaging the pipes, then an upper embankment.

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