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You can not stand the noise of your children upstairs, you are awakened by the noise of the street, your washing machine exasperates you? Learn how to effectively combat the noise you experience or suffer.

Public enemy number one, noise comes at the top of the daily nuisance of the French. Wherever we are, 24 hours a day... noises are invading our environment. To the point that one person in two declares to be embarrassed by the noise. Worst! We are at the origin of noises which disturb our entourage...
The consequences of these nuisances on health and morale are no longer to demonstrate: stress, fatigue, nervousness... It is therefore important to put in place effective devices to isolate our home noise we suffer.

But the acoustic insulation is a complex subject on which it is essential to understand some theoretical notions: origin of the noise, mode of propagation, performance of the insulators, device of implementation... This subject does not suffer the amateurism.
In general, it is always more useful and effective to act preventively than curatively. A posteriori intervention is often more expensive and rarely gives very satisfactory results. Indeed, noises slip into the slightest fault and if the implementation of your insulation has weak points, the entire device set up will be ineffective.

When thermal rhymes with acoustics

These two areas are very close: what is good for sound insulation is good for thermal insulation. But the opposite is not necessarily true.
For example fibrous insulation, such as glass wool or mineral, have thermoacoustic performance. You can use them to protect you from the cold as noise.
On the other hand, expanded or extruded polystyrene is not a very good acoustic insulator. Better to reserve it for thermal use.
Double glazing 4/20/4 can be a barrier to cold, but is not enough to stop noise. To obtain a satisfactory acoustic result, it must be made of glasses of different thicknesses, such as double glazing 10/20/4.

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