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If you buy an insulating underlay, you will see on the label the Acermi logo (which certifies the conformity of the product with the standards) followed by a series of letters and numbers of the type " SC2 b3 A Ch Whose meaning is as follows:
• Letters SC meaning "underlayer".
• The number 2 v 1 indicates that it is a sealed installation on a mortar without trellis or fibers (figure 1) or a sealed installation on a trellised screed (figure 2).
• The letter a or b for an operating load of 500 kg / m² (tertiary) or an operating load of 200 kg / m² (residential).
• The number 1, 2, 3 or 4 informs you in case of superposition of two sub-layers (you must not exceed 4).
• The letter AT for "acoustics".
• Letters ch indicate that the underlayment is compatible with a heated floor.

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