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Sus bedbugs!

Montreal, New York, London, Geneva and now Paris, bedbugs storm the major capitals where they arrived by means of numerous international trips. These extremely harmful small insects, rightly compared to vampires, infiltrate all types of housing without any discrimination, and even in clean and neat interiors. To learn all about these unwanted guests, this week Handyman is leading the investigation of bed bugs.

What is bed bugs?

Sus bedbugs!: bedbugs

Bedbugs are small flat insects, one millimeter thick, about five millimeters long and three millimeters wide. Visible to the naked eye, they hide during the day in skirting boards or cracks in walls and mainly in bedspreads, fabrics and mattresses. In addition, they spread quickly and discreetly from one garment to another in public transport schools, hotels and offices. Once an infected home, they take little time to invade neighboring homes, which is why they are particularly numerous in apartment buildings. With an average of five hundred eggs per week, this pest breeds at high speed and must be removed without hesitation at the slightest suspicion. Indeed, far from being harmless, these little animals feed on the blood of mammals, so ours. This produces skin reactions, small unsightly stings, sometimes stinging and painful, even in some cases allergenic.

How to avoid the invasion?

If bed bugs are relatively difficult to prevent, you can still take some precautions. In the first place, it is inadvisable to buy or reclaim used box springs, mattresses, sofas and armchairs as they are likely to be infested. In the second place, you will pay attention to the various signs revealing the presence of these invaders. In fact, besides the bites, they leave small black marks as well as tiny blood stains on sheets, box springs, carpets, rugs and wallpapers. So if you notice some of his signs you will immediately take action to get rid of it as soon as possible before finding yourself at the head of a colony of bed bugs.

How to eliminate bed bugs?

Sus bedbugs!: bugs

Bed bugs prove to be particularly resistant insects. Because of this, it is not easy to get rid of it. A basic insecticide will not be enough. The first thing to do is to thoroughly clean the equipment concerned, if possible by passing them to the steam cleaner or the washing machine at 90 degrees. If you notice splits in wood paneling, walls, joints or pipes, you will spray a strong insecticide recommended for bed bugs before sealing them with tape. To effectively and sustainably overcome bed bugs; the best solution to consider is to use a specialized company that will intervene at your home for rates between 100 and 400 euros depending on the surface to be treated. You will find these specialists in the yellow pages or on the Internet.

Finally know that there are a variety of beetles feeding on bed bugs, swift scutigères. A trail to study for those who do not wish to use chemicals and the presence of these small hairy animals would not bother.

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