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Adjust your electric heating

There are different control systems to be used depending on heat emitters such as convectors, radiant panels, towel warmers, radiant floors or storage heaters...

The integrated programmer.

It is called an integrated programmer when the radiator directly integrates an electronic thermostat with a probe and an automatic on / off device. Here, it is the sensor that determines the temperature of the room and modulates the heating according to temperature variations.

The built-in programmer offers several modes of operation: the comfort mode, to use during your presence, the eco mode (automatic temperature reduction of 3 or 4 degrees) to use during the night or during your outings, the frost mode (a temperature of 8 degrees, which as its name indicates preserves the installation of the gel) to use during your prolonged winter absences and finally the mode stop, when you cut the heating.

Centralized programmer.

Centralized programmers determine a given temperature for the entire dwelling. They can work with a pilot or wireless wire. Pilot wire models allow multiple temperature levels to be programmed. They transmit the instructions of the centralized programmer to the heat emitters, using a wire. Here the radiators can be connected to each other for centralized management of electric heating. As for wireless models, they are connected with radiators by infra red or radio wave.

Programming cassettes.

Some models of radiators are equipped with an integrated programming cassette which makes it possible to choose periods of operation "comfort" or "eco". Namely that some cassettes may impose their program to other radiators using the pilot wire, if it is installed in the electrical circuit.

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