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The general meeting of co-ownership is a very important event, because the small and big decisions concerning the life of a co-ownership are taken during this meeting. The co-owners consult each other, discuss and vote on the issues listed in the agenda to ensure the proper functioning of the co-ownership, but also to preserve the building, a common good. To debate, they find themselves in a very specific place...

AG of co-ownership: the choice of place

AG of co-ownership: the choice of place

The choice of the place of the AG of condominium

The place where a general meeting of co-owners is held is not chosen at random. The conditions of determination of this place have also been the subject of a decree. Whatever the place chosen, all the people who are invited to an AG of condominium become aware of it at the time of the reception of their convocation. In addition to the meeting place, this document also reveals the date as well as the time of the meeting, Without forgetting the agenda. It is also annexed the documents of justification of the charges, several specifications works if necessary, without forgetting the essential documents to understand the decisions which will be the subject of a vote.

Where is the general meeting of co-ownership?

The choice of the place of the AG of condominium is done taking into account Article 9 stipulated in the decree of 17 March 1967. It provides that this very important and mandatory meeting once a year takes place in the municipality in which is located the condominium building.

Nevertheless, other arrangements may be made provided that they are clearly stipulated in the co-ownership regulations. If this is not the case, it is necessary that a resolution be adopted by the general meeting in order to define another place where the meeting can take place, according to the vote of the co-owners.

Here are some places where the general meeting can be scheduled (except of course if the rules of co-ownership form opposite provisions):

  • Inside the condominium, in an appropriate room or an annex of the building, after validation of the co-owners
  • In the professional offices of the condominium trustee
  • In another room which is in the geographical area, in accordance with the law in force

In any case, in the case where no details are provided in the co-ownership regulations, it is entirely possible for the co-owners to determine another location during a general meeting. The decision must, however, be votable. And for the latter to be validated, a simple majority of co-owners present or represented by a proxy is required.

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