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The cassette air conditioner is very rare in conventional housing. More complicated to install and intended for large areas, it is found in shopping centers, stores or offices. Ultra-compact and very discreet, it works as a monosplit air conditioner.

Cassette air conditioner (ceiling lamp)

Cassette air conditioner (ceiling lamp)

What is a cassette air conditioner?

A cassette air conditioner is actually a split air conditioner whose indoor unit is intended to be recessed in a ceiling. It exists cassettes with 1, 2 or 4 channels or air outlets. The cassette usually occupies the location of a 60x60 cm false ceiling slab. Only the covering grid is visible.
The cassette air conditioner is also equipped with an outdoor unit and comes in reversible version as a conventional fixed air conditioner. Its slim and compact design makes it very discretly and allows it to integrate perfectly with the decoration of your interior. Some models are less than 20 cm thick. The cassette air conditioner also allows like any other air conditioner to dehumidify and purify the air by retaining dust and mites.

Why install a cassette air conditioner?

The cassette air conditioner is particularly appreciated for its ultra-discreet design. Very powerful, it is used to air conditioning an area ranging from 40 to 150 m². It is found more generally in offices and commercial areas. The cassette air conditioner also has the advantage of adapting to different situations. In air conditioner position, it blows the cold air horizontally so as not to disturb the users. The diffusion of hot air is, meanwhile, down for better thermal comfort. More complicated to install than a conventional wall mounted air conditioner the cassette air conditioner requires the intervention of a professional for the installation and asks to be equipped with a false ceiling.

Price of a cassette air conditioner

To equip a cassette air conditioner, plan a budget similar to the purchase of a split air conditioner with a single indoor unit (monosplit). count between 300 and 3500 euros. The price will of course depend on the power of the device, its energy classification and the noise it generates. It is obvious that the more silent an air conditioner is and the less energy it consumes, the more expensive it is to buy. The investment is fortunately quickly amortized.

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