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A leaking or leaking air conditioner is one of the most common malfunctions encountered by owners of this type of appliance. What can be done to remedy such a leakage problem? The causes and solutions to leaking air conditioning are to be discovered in this article.

Why is my air conditioner leaking?

Water production is a normal phenomenon for an air conditioner in good working order.

  • Indeed, natural condensation its evaporator comes here to flow into a condensate tray.
  • This water must normally be evacuated continuously through the exhaust pipe of the air conditioner.

In case of abnormal water runoffit is very likely that the same pipe is simply dirty. As the drain hose is clogged, the water can no longer be drained, causing the condensate pan to overflow.

To note: the refrigerating fluid is never the cause of a leak since it is kept in the apparatus in its gaseous form

What should I do if my air conditioner leaks?

In the event of leakage or abnormal flow from the air conditioning, it is most likely necessary to have the appliance cleaned. A specialized professional will be able to conduct this thorough cleaning of your air conditioning.

He will have to:

  • empty the condensate pan and clear the drain pipe.
  • check the operation of the evacuation pump (if the air conditioner has one)
  • check the insulation of the pipes connecting the two units of the appliance.

To note: Regular maintenance of the air conditioning system is recommended to prevent this type of breakdown. It is therefore recommended to dust off the air conditioner regularly.

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There is now a "radical" solution to the frequent insalubrity of climate installations, the origin of the leaks of this type of device.

Some specialized companies propose the establishment of a microbiological maintenance: technology allowing "fungal and bactericidal decontamination" of the various components of the air conditioner.

Functioning of the microbiological washing:

1. cleaning operation: draining the condensate pan and the water flow ducts,
2. recovery of microbial waste thus dislodged,
3. operation of disinfection of components through mechanical spraying.

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