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When choosing an air conditioning for your home, do not forget to inquire about the sound level of the installation. Air conditioning that is too noisy can quickly become uncomfortable and make you regret your investment. How to combine the comfort of good air conditioning and silence?

Some air conditioners are noisier than others

The monobloc air conditioner is the noisiest since it integrates in the same device all the elements of an air conditioning including the compressor. The noise of such an air conditioner is often compared to that of a refrigerator.

Split air conditioner is much quieter. The loudest parts of the device (compressor and fan) are indeed, installed outside. By cons attention to the neighborhood...

And among split air conditioners, the mono or multi split wall is, in general, quieter than the ductable. The wall mounted air conditioner has a squirrel cage turbine that is quiet and installed in a box limit the noise. While the ducted air conditioner must compensate for the losses due to the duct network by more power and therefore potentially more noise.

Choosing a suitable air conditioning for your home

To be quiet the air conditioning must be adapted to your home. Under dimensioned, you will use it to its maximum so where it is the noisiest. Oversized, it will also be noisier because more powerful.
It is in the rooms that the air conditioning must be particularly quiet. The power of the moderate air conditioner is most often sufficient in these rooms used only in the evening and at night.
And do not forget that a house meeting the standards of RT 2012, well insulated needs less air conditioning than an old house.

Choose a competent professional

Often when choosing an air conditioning, we think performance but we forget the acoustic comfort. A professional must not only offer a suitable air conditioning but install it so that it is as quiet as possible. Be careful about this aspect of your order. For example, a well-installed ducted air conditioner is as quiet as a wall-mounted unit. But the ductwork must have been designed to attenuate the fan noise (flexible sound sheaths, sound traps, etc).

The criteria for silent air conditioning

Choose quality material. In recent years the recognized manufacturers of air conditioners have worked extensively not only on the aesthetics of indoor units but also on noise problems: better profiled ventilation turbines, silent bearings and low ventilation speed.

Today a quality air conditioner has a sound level below 30 decibels. Or the equivalent of the rustle of the leaves of a tree! And many offer a "silence" option for the night. The sound level then drops to less than 20 decibels and becomes inaudible.

Even when it's very hot, do not try to get the temperature down too much inside your house. A difference of 6 to 7° with the outside will ensure you a good comfort without excessive expense or noise.

Good to know: To ensure the quality of your air conditioner choose the Eurovent label. Eurovent is an independent organization that tests all the performance of air conditioners.

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