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Air Conditioners: The Rolls of Air Coolers.

The time of loud and voluminous air conditioners is well and truly over! More hight tech than ever, the new generation of air conditioners uses all its charms to seduce you. There are all kinds, for all surfaces and all budgets, some can lower the ambient temperature by 25 degrees. In the second part of the "refreshing your house", DuitDesign explores in depth the world of air conditioners to help you make the right choice and break some prejudices.

The new generation of air conditioners

At the forefront of progress, new air conditioners use all the modern technology to better meet your needs and maximize their performance. They have equipped themselves with new options such as remote controls and LCD screens. Particularly interesting, the home automation aspect thanks to integrated microprocessors that allow you to program and thus to automate the start-up, shutdown or adjustment of your device according to various parameters such as temperature or humidity, detected by sensors. All these options have a cost and are not available on entry-level models.

How does an air conditioner work?

Air Conditioners: The Rolls of Air Coolers.: coolers

The principle of the air conditioner is identical to that of refrigerators. On the one side it evacuates heat (calories) and on the other it produces cold. A refrigerant flows into the regulator in a closed circuit and absorbs the calories from the air when it changes from a liquid state to a gaseous state, which "produces cold". This fresh air is blown inwards and therefore reduces the temperature of the room. On the other side, the hot air generated by the capacitor when the coolant becomes liquid again is discharged to the outside. Some air conditioners are reversible, the cycle is reversed: the air from outside is heated thanks to the electrical energy of the compressor and is then blown inwards. They can therefore be used as heating in winter and are more economical than traditional electric heating (convectors or blowers).

Which air conditioner to choose?

There are several types of air conditioners and your choice must be made according to your needs. In order not to be wrong, it is necessary to take into account some criteria that are specific to each dwelling:
The place to be air conditioned: living room, bedroom, office, etc.
The volume you want to cool: surface, number of rooms, ceiling height.
The number of people in the space you want to cool.
The geographical exposure of this space, if the main wall of the room is oriented to the North, to the South, etc.
The use you want to make your air conditioner: punctual or regular, which may vary depending on your geographical position.

You must also study some data specific to different devices such as:
Cold power and hot power (for reversible models) that determine the amount of heat that can be released by a heating or cooling unit
The electrical power consumed so you do not have a bad surprise when you receive your electricity bill.
The rate of dehumidification.

The mobile air conditioner or extra air conditioner.

Air Conditioners: The Rolls of Air Coolers.: rolls

For a punctual use and little binding they are ideal. At home or in the office they can cool small areas without having to do any work. Mounted on wheels they have the advantage of following you from one room to another. They are however less efficient and noisier than fixed air conditioners. For an optimization of your device it is better to close all your doors and windows. The maintenance of the device is simple, just dust it regularly (about 2 times per month) at the air filter.

Monobloc or monosplit air conditioner

Air Conditioners: The Rolls of Air Coolers.: rolls

Usually composed of a single block, hence its name, this type of air conditioner allows the cooling of the room, air filtration and dehumidification. It is a fixed device on which it is generally necessary to install an exit to the outside. This extension outside the cooled room, is usually materialized by a simple air exhaust pipe wedged between the leaves of a window ajar or via an opening in a wall provided for this purpose. A monobloc air conditioner can not effectively cover surfaces greater than 30 m² but it is very quiet unlike the mobile air conditioner.

Note that some monobloc air conditioners are equipped with wheels and can be mobile. For maintenance, have it checked at least once a year by a licensed professional.

The multisplilt air conditioner

Air Conditioners: The Rolls of Air Coolers.: conditioner

Unlike the monoblock the multisplit consists of several blocks: several indoor units for a single outdoor unit. It can thus refresh several rooms at the same time. This type of model often offers programmable options and has remote controls. Quiet inside it still has a high volume outside, so avoid placing its outdoor exit on the walls of the living rooms. Unsightly, these types of fans can quickly spoil a nice facade. It is strongly recommended to call on professionals to install this type of air conditioners, which use very restrictive rules and installation standards. Generally used for large installations these air conditioners can also be suitable for domestic use.

For proper maintenance, remember to regularly dust off your exterior outlet, to clean the air filter, and to check whether the water generated by the condensation is discharged properly and to have it checked at least once a year. by a specialist. For a regular check, consider having a maintenance contract with your installer.

The inconvenients

If they are particularly effective, the air conditioners are not for all that very large consumers of energy. They are classified from "A" to "G" (for the most spendthrift) according to their consumption. At a time when energy is scarce we should ask ourselves if our comfort comes before our environment and if solutions less greedy energy are not preferable, such as the air freshener.

An air conditioner for all budgets?

Finally to find out if you can enjoy this summer an air conditioner, HandymanDuDimanche gives you an order of ideas on the prices of different types of device. Count an average of 500 to 1600 euros for an additional air conditioner depending on the options available. With the price of installation and the device count from 1000 to 3000 euros for a monobloc air conditioner. When using the multisplit air conditioner it is necessary to consider prices ranging from 75 to 110 euros per square meter air-conditioned.

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