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Air Conditioning: our tips for naturally refreshing a home / - brizmaker

Summer has arrived, the sun and the heat with him! If this is what we are looking for when we go on vacation, the heat can become unpleasant when it is too intense. We often think of air conditioning to refresh ourselves but other techniques are available, cheaper and less harmful to the environment.

When it is very hot, it is important to find practical ways to cool off. In some French regions, it is derisory to install air conditioning at home for two months of heat per year. You will find in this article tips to keep your house or apartment cool, even in summer!

Do not heat unnecessarily

When it is hot outside, do not heat the inside of your home which may be difficult to cool. Avoid long cooking in the oven for example, they would overheat the kitchen quickly. In addition, eating hot in hot weather is not a good idea. For electronic devices and household appliances, disconnect them as much as possible because the standby mode produces energy that gives off heat. It's the same with lamps: bulbs heat up when they stay on for a long time, so try to light them as little as possible. These tips will help you not to accumulate too much heat at home.

Keep a nice temperature

There are some tips to successfully maintain a harmonious temperature in the house. For example, we recommend shutting shutters and windows all day long so that hot air and sunlight do not enter. You should ventilate preferably at night, and close the windows and shutters at the cool hours of the morning, before 10 o'clock. You can also decorate your home with green plants: they are pretty and, moreover, their color will give you a feeling of freshness. Climbing plants can be used on the exterior walls of the house: they capture the air and keep only the cool, not letting the heat pass (and they retain moisture if you water them!). On a balcony, the plants will protect you from the sun and will bring you a space of relaxation.

Refresh your interior

It is not always necessary to install an air conditioning to cool his house, natural and effective techniques exist. If you leave the windows and shutters closed all day, then you have to open them as soon as it gets dark. This technique will let in fresh air and allow you to ventilate your interior. For people who have a fan, do not hesitate to place a bottle of ice water in front, the air delivered will be cooler.

The heat of summer can become unpleasant when it is too strong. But thanks to these tips, you will not have to install an air conditioner to refresh your home!

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