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The maintenance of the air conditioning system of a house is an essential and inevitable operation to ensure the proper functioning of the unit, while avoiding breakdowns. Especially since a well maintained air conditioning diffuses a healthy air and consumes less electricity.

Maintain the air conditioning system of a home, a vital need

In the absence of maintenance, the air conditioner housing will lose efficiency and will be the object of breakdowns.

The clogged mechanism will tend to consume more energy to work, which will be felt on the electricity bill.

Finally, a poorly maintained air conditioner, which has become the breeding ground for bacterial growth, can be dangerous for your health.

Example: the bacteria causing the legionellosis can develop there.

It is therefore important to regularly clean indoor units and filters on the unit. A complete annual inspection must also be entrusted to a professional. Opting for a maintenance contract is therefore particularly useful here.

Air conditioning system of the house, what should I maintain?

The maintenance of the air conditioner by the individual is limited to the filters and the outdoor unit which must be clean and clear.

Once a year, it is recommended to dust and clean with air and soap the air conditioning filters (twice a year for reversible systems).
These filters are found in the indoor unit of air conditioning:

  • wall-mounted air conditioner: above and in front,
  • ceiling and cassette consoles: underneath,
  • wall console: in the front,
  • ducted: inside the suction plenums.

Pressure and circuits are checked during the annual visit of the professional.

The mandatory inspection of the air conditioning system of the house

Any air conditioning system with a cooling capacity greater than 12 kW must be inspected at least every 5 years. An obligation dictated by decree since March 31, 2010.

This inspection assesses the entire air conditioning system of the house. It must be requested by the owner of the facility (or the condominium corporation).

The first inspection of existing systems must take place after:

  • 2 years (cooling capacity greater than 100 kW)
  • 3 years (above 12 kW).

The first inspection of the new systems must be carried out in the calendar year following their installation.

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