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Driveways and driveways must be designed to withstand the repeated passage of vehicles without difficulty. Gravel, concrete, slabs, paving stones... according to your tastes, different solutions are available to you to implement a driveway at home.

Driveways and driveways

Driveways and driveways

Roadways and gravel driveways

The gravel driveway is the simplest and quickest to implement, although here we must be wary of landings by preparing properly his land.

Varieties, sizes and colors of gravel (limestone, pink gravel, quartz, basalt, sand...) allow to give different aspects to the ground.

Some disadvantages however: the gravel does not prevent the regrowth of weeds, it can be considered noisy and remains unsuitable for a sloping path.

Concrete driveways and concrete floors

Yes the concrete is an excellent solution to achieve a stable and resistant driveway, the installation of this material requires the intervention of a professional.

Indeed, for a perfect result and an extended life, the application of the concrete must be carried out using a specific material.

This type of driveway can be a very aesthetic solution depending on the concrete that is used to make it.
For example: colored concrete, deactivated or printed.

Pavement driveways and floors

An alley or floor consisting of slabs offers a Durable, durable and easy to maintain drive surface. The laying of the slabs remains relatively simple to perform even if it is appropriate here to set up a light foundation.

In addition to these purely functional considerations, this type of aisle allows a very thorough customization,
slabs used which may be stone, brick or concrete.

"Bucolic" alley natural or contemporary stone with a regular layout... everything is allowed.

Driveways and driveways in interlocking pavers

A driveway made of pavers is quite possible, provided that the thickness of the pavement is at least 6 cm.

The self-locking pavement is particularly suitable for a drive-over ground. Available in a wide variety of shapes and colors... this type of coating allows multiple layouts.

Be careful though: the interlocking paver can not be used for sloping aisles. The soil could indeed slide during the rainy days.

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