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The kit alarm system is a convenient solution to easily install an alarm without any special electrical knowledge. The alarm kit has various elements that allow you to build a complete security solution.

What is a kit alarm system?

The kit alarm system consists of different elements that form a complete and powerful alarm system. The basic kit alarm system consists of a control unit that contains the warning siren. In this central are added various elements such as:

  • one or more opening detectors,
  • one or more motion detectors,
  • a remote control on / off.

Depending on the situation, other elements can be added. If you own a cat or a dog, it may for example be interesting to set up a motion detector for small pets. You can also opt for a remote monitoring system. Some kit alarm systems also have remote control modules and can therefore be managed very easily.

In any case, you have the choice between a conventional kit alarm system, which is characterized by its mainly deterrent effect, or a GSM alarm system, which warns you by telephone in case of an incident, and this, even if your landline is off.

How much does a kit alarm system cost?

An alarm system in a basic kit, with a central unit, one or more opening detectors, and one or more motion detectors, costs between € 300 and € 500. The installation is simple, so you can do it directly.

For more elaborate systems, the prices can reach 2,000 or even 3,000 €, including installation costs by a professional.

In any case, do not hesitate to inquire before setting up an alarm kit, to find the solution that best suits your home.

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