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The colors of the facades of houses are subject to regulations specific to each region and each municipality. Inquire before making a decision, and wait for the approval of the town hall before starting work. Indeed, a declaration of work is necessary for any façade renovation.

The rose: a color that is not necessarily allowed

The rose: a color that is not necessarily allowed

The choice of the color of your facade is not free

There is strict regulation at the level of the region or the commune concerning the color of the facades, but also shutters, windows and doors. The aim is to maintain coherence in the local architecture and to preserve neighborhood harmony. Each house must fit well into its environment, so you can not choose any color for your facade.

Thus we see facades in shades of sand or orange in the South of France, bright red brick facades in the North, gray facades reminiscent of natural stone in Auvergne or Limousin, or more colorful facades in Alsace and Lorraine. It exists restrictions for each municipalitybut some show more flexibility than others.

How to define the color of your facade?

For the facelift of your facade, it will be necessary to follow a procedure and wait for the authorization of the commune with respect to the chosen color. First of all, consult the Local Town Planning Plan or inform the CAUE (Council of Architecture, Urbanism and the Environment) to find out which colors are allowed. If you live in a subdivision, consult the specifications of the subdivision.

Then do your request for a declaration of work. Do you live in a listed building? In this case, you will need a building permit.

You want to change the color of your facade? First find out about local regulations: not all colors are allowed. The colors allowed depend on your area of ​​residence.

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