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When they invade a home, rodents, such as rats or mice, are a nuisance. One of the solutions to get rid of it is to use means of to move away without killing them. But faced with an infestation of magnitude and uncontrollable, elimination will be unavoidable, via the intervention of an expert.

Keep rodents away without killing them.

Peppermint is an excellent repellent to ward off rodents.

Use plants and essential oils to repel rodents

Several types of plants and essential oils play a repulsive role with rodents. It is therefore advisable to place them in the areas of passage and nests of intruders, in dark recesses where they like to hide, to try to dislodge them without killing them. Here are the main products that can be used:

  • mint and sage (fresh or dry);
  • bay leaves;
  • a diffuser with the following essential oils, to your choice: clary sage, peppermint, laurel, garlic, lavandin or eucalyptus.

To noteFor optimal efficiency, it is important to regularly renew these ingredients, which lose their power over time.

Daily hygiene gestures

To guard against rodents and keep them away from homes, nothing beats regular and general hygiene. To do this, focus on the following points:

  • the trashThey are very attractive to rodents if they are poorly stored, too easily accessible or too close to houses. The ideal is to raise them 30 cm above the ground and make them airtight.
  • the household: keep food stored and carry out frequent cleaning of the entire house to eliminate food residues.
  • the storage areas: dark, often little visited, these places in which are accumulated objects attract many rodents who can build their nests there. Avoid over-accumulating litter and creating unsealed storage areas.

Securing the house to keep rodents away

Rodents arrive in the houses from the outside, taking advantage of the openings (pipes, sewers, cracks, ventilations...), to find food and comfort for the nesting. One of the most important prevention measures to ward off rodents is toobstruct all possible entries. Do not forget that a mouse is able to slip into a hole of 5 mm! Even a tiny hole must be carefully plugged.

For air intakes in particular, installing rodent grids can be a good solution.

Rodent hunter animals

It is known that some pets are rodent enemies. The cat and the bird of prey like to hunt rats, mice, field mice... They can therefore be allies for man in the fight against these pests. However, before embarking, it is recommended to study the issue well as it involves taking care of an animal within the family.

If all these devices are not enough, it may be necessary to test the traps and repellents to eliminate intruders or to involve a professional of rat extermination.

Video Instruction: How to Get Rats/ Mice Out of Your Home Without Killing Them