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An express technique to rejuvenate a tiled worktop and credence: color the joints.

Stain tile joints in worktop and kitchen credenza

  • Dig the old cement seal with a carbide scraper (Mejix-Rexon).
  • Clear it to a depth of 2 mm (minimum) without forgetting the edges.

Pigments for tile joints

  • Take a ready-to-use colored powder or make the shade by adding colored pigments to white cement.
  • Try to judge the result once dry.

Spread the stain on the joints

  • Spread the joint compound with "8" with a spatula (or a rubber squeegee).
  • Well push it to the bottom to promote the hanging.
  • Let dry.

Clean the joints after staining

  • Carefully wrap crumpled newspaper to remove product from the surface.
  • Finish with a damp sponge frequently rinsed with clean water.

Moisten the bottom of the seal just before pouring the colored slip.

Video Instruction: How to stain grout