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Gardening is nice, but above all tiring. Cutting, cutting, buttering, digging, weeding, raking... All these works are difficult, and we do not undertake them without tools. To gain efficiency and quality, it is essential to choose them wisely.

gardener's tools

From the balcony, to the garden with lawn and vegetable garden, 9 French out of 10 have a private garden area. This activity is so popular that tool makers go out of their way to satisfy their customers, always offering smarter, more robust, more ergonomic.
Result, a multitude of products available among which it is sometimes difficult to navigate. Some, such as shovels and rakes, are the basic material; others, more innovative, save effort.
Finally, the recent consideration of environmental concerns rehabilitated certain mechanical activities such as manual weeding, limiting the use of chemicals.
Which tools of our grandparents should we keep, and what novelties must absolutely find their place in our garage? Follow the guide !

Work in your garden without suffering

Whatever the tooling, it is essential to protect yourself by applying basic rules. Above all, you have to spare your back by keeping the right spine.
To do this, tools must be used with sleeves adapted to its morphology. When working near the ground, it is better to kneel than to stay bent; then use a cushion, knee pads, etc... Finally, prefer to wear thick shoesgoggles (especially when using a brush cutter), and, of course, gloves that will prevent abrasions, plant bites and insect bites!

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  • Cutting tools
  • Tools for scraping and weeding
  • The branch cutter
  • The edge cutter
  • The pruner
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  • The shovel
  • The fang
  • Watering systems
  • The garden auger
  • Practical: a single battery for five tools
  • Convenient: a single engine for five tools
  • Maintain the blades
  • Use a strong and light handle
  • Renovate a garden croc
  • Repair a garden sprayer
  • The hedge trimmer
  • The brushcutter
  • The pruner
  • The tiller
  • The lawnmower
  • The pressure washer
  • The chainsaw
  • The plant grinder
  • Winterize your tools

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