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The underfloor heating is quite expensive for installation, it is comfortable, but lack of flexibility, so in the mid-season when it takes just a little heat in the evening, not really practical. More renovation, it is not easy to place. And in a region with a mild climate, where we often heat a little in the evening around 17 hours until the next morning only, this is hardly practical. These heaters are better suited to fairly cold areas.

In addition, in renovation, it is really not easy to place a floor heating water.

To avoid the inconvenience of a cold floor with tiling, even if there is an insulation in the slab or under the slab, the solution is to favor the floor on joists with insulating between the joists. In this case, one walks barefoot without problem, the soil does not absorb the calories produced by the heating. And the feeling of cold soil is suppressed.

This is particularly interesting with electric heating. It is better that the calories are not absorbed by the soil and fully benefit the inhabitants. And that contributes a lot to energy savings.

A floor that is not cold reduces the difference in temperature between the floor and the ceiling, which helps to improve comfort. It's not for nothing that once, we put a lot of floors...

So book the tiles in the kitchen and the bathroom, WC.

If you can not raise the ground level too much, the laminate laminate solution with insulation of 3 or 6 mm will improve the situation, despite everything.

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