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Contemporary and modern design, lightweight and robust structure, the aluminum window has won its acclaim. Designers and designers have innovated and made improvements to aluminum frames and profiles, both in terms of aesthetics and in a production that respects the protection of the environment.

Aluminum: an ecological and secure material

The peculiarity of aluminum is to be 100% recyclable at the end of life. This material is therefore an excellent choice for all those who are concerned about preserving the planet and its resources.

Aluminum is an ideal material for cleaning the air in a house because it emits no dust, no vapors, no particles. The properties of aluminum are also very interesting because it does not emit harmful emissions in case of fire.

Aluminum window: innovations

The structures and profiles of aluminum windows have evolved in recent years thanks to new technologies. Aluminum is a performing material, resistant and light which allows to integrate amounts of great finesse. This material now offers excellent thermal and sound insulation. Aluminum can be associated with wood or PVC to improve the insulation and lower the estimate of the installation.

The charm of aluminum

  • Color your interior

The aluminum windows are available in a wide range of colors and adapt harmoniously to the interior design and decor of the rooms. The finely chiseled cut-outs of aluminum profiles fit into all styles, from classical architectures to contemporary homes.

  • Resistance and durability

Aluminum is weather resistant and requires very little maintenance. It is recyclable, lightweight, aesthetic, resistant.

  • Place in the glazing and in the light

The aluminum window fits perfectly to sliding glass doors and windows and French openings. In recent years, aluminum has become a favorite of designers and designers of modern and contemporary spaces. The elegant marriage of lightness and robustness makes it possible to adapt a frame and joinery of great finesse that let in the outside light. Its resistance allows to integrate a double or triple glazing to optimize the insulation. This skylight is enhanced by an aesthetic appearance for a very stylish decor.

Smart advice from our "window specialist"

It is not advisable to opt for low-end aluminum windows because the insulation may not be there! It is recommended to choose windows with thermal break that are insulating and waterproof. Price side, you should also know that aluminum windows are a little more expensive than PVC windows.

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