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Resembling strongly to an open kitchen, the American kitchen is distinguished by the presence of a bar. Delimiting the space between the kitchen and the living room, the bar represents the heart of a contemporary and convivial living room. Discover the American cuisine.

Large American style open kitchen

Large American style open kitchen

Interests of the American kitchen

Whether for large or small spaces, the American kitchen has the main advantage of adapting to all areas, from about 4m2 of available space.

For studios, the bar of the American kitchen allows to have an optimized and functional room. It is both the work plan for the preparation of dishes, the place to take meals, and a place to put small appliances such as the coffee machine. Depending on its configuration, it can also be used as storage if it has shelves or built-in closets on one of its sides.

For medium and large areas, it allows to have a beautiful living room. The bar of the American kitchen is indeed a way to have the ease to prepare the dishes while watching at the same time the children who play in the living room, or by talking with its guests who take the aperitif there. It is also an opportunity to take meals quickly without having to set the table in the dining room.

American kitchen fittings

On the strength of its success, American cuisine is available at will, whether in terms of shapes, dimensions, materials, or design.

In its most traditional version, the bar is rectangular in shape, made of wood, and faces the kitchen worktop or is a perpendicular extension. It comes to equip a kitchen already open on the living room, or is built after removing all or part of a partition separating the two rooms.

For small surfaces, the bar is usually a piece of equipment bought in DIY superstores, ready to hang or assemble (worktop and adjustable height leg). It is also quite easy to make yourself for a handyman.

For the most design models dedicated to larger spaces, the bar is for example composed of a polished concrete base and a granite worktop. It can be composed of one or two planes, adjustable in height, or in length to serve as an extension, and cupboards integrated in the base. If the semicircular bar is relatively well known, it may also be triangular or represent an "S". The light is finally very important on this kind of American kitchen model since it accentuates the heat brought to the room, that it is by the intensity of the light or by the luminaries used.

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