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The amount of charges for rented accommodation depends on taxes and actual costs related to the operation and maintenance of the dwelling and its equipment. How are these expenses calculated and what do they include? The answer elements in this article.

What are the charges for rented accommodation?

Some expenses originally settled by the owner-lessor may be charged to the tenantOnce rented.

Rental expenses in co-ownership

Facilities and equipment:

  • Some expenses related to the use of the elevators: electricity, exploitation, maintenance...
  • Expenditures related to water and heating: hot and cold water used by occupants, maintenance of common areas and outdoor spaces...
  • Fees for supply of energy whoever she is.

Common parts:

  • Interior spaces: operation (electricity) and maintenance costs (cleaning supplies, repair of maintenance equipment, employment of personnel...)
  • Outdoor spaces: operation and maintenance of traffic areas, parking, green spaces...

Charges for individual installations

  • Expenditure on heating and hot water production.
  • Expenses related to water distribution: inspection of connections and flow, troubleshooting...

Charges related to taxes and fees

  • Garbage removal.
  • Scanning.
  • Sanitation.

How is the amount of the rental charges calculated?

Charges are usually settled by the tenant in the form of a monthly provision added to his rent.
The amount of this expense provision (determined at the time of signing the lease) is based on the actual expenses of the previous year.

The charges must therefore be recalculated each year in order to set up a regularization. This approach makes it possibleincrease or decrease the provision Monthly charge:

  • if the total amount of expenses paid in the year by the tenant is ultimately higher than his actual expenses, the landlord is required to reimburse the difference.
  • conversely, if the sums paid in the year do not cover all the expenses related to the various expenses, the owner will be able to claim them to his tenant.

To note: before carrying out the regularization, the lessor must transmit a billing of expenses to his tenant, annexed invoices attached to them.

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