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The electrical installation of a house is complex. All appliances, light and sometimes heating are connected to the electrical system. A small failure can cause fires or electrocutions. That is why it is essential that the electrical installation of the house is completely in conformity with the norm in force.

The standard of electrical installation in details

An electrical installation includes a meter, an electrical panel, a circuit breaker as well as switches.

The standard NFC 15-100, regularly updated, ensures the safety and the operation of the electrical installation of the house. This standard provides a detailed plan of the electrical system to avoid defects and locate faulty circuits.

Your installation must include various security equipment such as insulating sleeves specific to this type of installation, a lightning rod or lightning arrester as well as devices such as a circuit breaker and fuses that will protect against overload or short circuit. If your home is old, call a qualified electrician to make sure your electrical installation does not present a fire or electric shock hazard for your family. This professional will guide you to compliance. He will be best able to do the work.

The bathroom, a special standard

The bathroom, or parts of water, must comply with a stricter standard because the risks of electrification or electrocution are greater. The bathroom is divided into four parts called "volume".

Volume 0: this part is that of the shower and the bathtub. No plug or other electrical equipment should be installed. It is absolutely forbidden to bring in connected electrical appliances.

Volume 1: this is the upper part of the bath. We can install 12 V lighting since the transformer is in volumes 2 or 3.

Volume 2: it is the space that is located 60 cm from the shower, on a height of 3 m. He admits a low voltage lighting and a bathroom cabinet whose lighting is splash-proof.

Volume 3: this part concerns the rest of the room where plugs can be installed and electrical appliances used.

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