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A Feng Shui interior

By stimulating the flow of energy in our interior, Feng Shui helps us improve our well-being. To optimize our environment without affecting its chi, some basic rules are needed. To despise the principles of Feng Shui would be a fault of taste at the origin of many disorders, physical but also psychic. This week, HandymanDuDimanche invites you to discover the outlines of Feng Shui to harmonize your interior and feel good.

Disruptive elements

A Feng Shui interior: feng

Some details of the house disturb the circulation of the chi, which negatively affects its inhabitants.
Beams, which weaken the energies of the place they overlook are little appreciated in Feng Shui. It is better to hide them behind a false ceiling, fabric or repaint them with very light colors. Sources of disease and discord, the beams are disadvised above the beds, sofas, the dining table, the stove and the office.
The edges and angles walls or furniture hold and block energies, which can cause an unpleasant impression. To remedy this problem, it is advisable to soften the angles by placing a green plant, a colored object, a lamp or a fabric, which will prevent the chi to stagnate.
Sloping walls and sloped ceilings exhaust our chi and prevent the regeneration of our energy. In addition, this visual imbalance limits our creativity.

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A set of mirrors, a lamp, a well placed cupboard or colored paint can improve the situation.
The disorder, cumbersome and useless, disturbs and limits our personal fulfillment. This domestic chaos that represents stagnant energy plays against us. Eliminating trinkets, empty boxes and other superfluous items will undoubtedly improve your quality of life.

The essential elements

Doors and windows that connect us to the outside world are important parts of the house. Feng Shui encourages us to

A Feng Shui interior: energy

pay particular attention to it. Doors that release the Chi from room to room must be in perfect working order, without squeaking or getting stuck. As for the windows, they must open wide and allow to see the sky. These openings represent a link with nature that we must not lose. The blinds and other curtains that tarnish our vision are also to be avoided in favor of tinted windows that also preserve our privacy. However, it must be ensured that the doors and windows are not too numerous to avoid a surplus of energy that slows the chi.
Mirrors enlarge and enhance our space. They are used as real remedies in Feng Shui. Placed in dark places, they facilitate the circulation of the chi. Ideal for large corridors, they slow down the influx of energies. The ice cream should be cleaned regularly and reflect a pleasant image. According to Chinese beliefs, they are to be avoided in front of beds, doors or windows.
Plants, which sanitize the air and produce different energies are indispensable in a Feng Shui interior. Yin or Yang depending on the species, each plant brings us a special benefit, depending on its shape, color, smell and location. Only prickly plants are to be banned because they emanate harmful energies.
The light, essential to our survival must be important and as natural as possible in our habitat. Direct and powerful in busy rooms, (office, kitchen, staircase, hallway), lighting can be lighter in relaxing rooms like the bedroom or living room. Keep in mind that the location and quality of lighting affect our mood and serenity.

The stimulating elements.

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Vibrations and the circulation of energies can be improved by certain accessories. Burn incense, aromatic oils or candles, increases the energy of a room. It is the same for the vibratory level, which can be raised by chimes, the sounds of bells or by clapping hands. By stimulating the five senses, you will bring a positive touch to your interior that will affect your attitude and well-being.

Knowing and mastering all of these elements is a first step towards a Feng Shui interior. Once familiar with these basic principles, you can tackle your entire house piece by piece. HandymanDuanche therefore gives you an appointment next week to learn how to practice Feng Shui in the different rooms of your home.

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