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A corner office in the house

With the emergence of home work and the proliferation of computer equipment, we are increasingly led to create a corner office in our homes. It is not always easy to install a functional and aesthetic space in an already busy house. To help you optimize your office, HandymanDuDimanche invites you to organize it by taking advantage of the smallest square meter.

Choose the right location

If you are the proud owner of a large home, you will probably have no problem devoting an entire room to your office. If so, you will need to find a suitable place to work with confidence. Between the corridor, the entrance, the living room, the attic, the garage or the room, there are plenty of places. A little calm, light, space and voila.

Adapted furniture

Adapted furniture

To be perfectly installed behind your computer, the furniture must be adequate and as comfortable as possible. Neither too small nor too big, the office must exceed 80 cm in order to avoid back problems. Depending on the space available, you can opt for a corner cabinet, retractable, fixed or on wheels. As for the seat, it will have to be adjustable and ergonomic, to adapt to all morphologies. If you plan to spend a lot of time there, forget the kitchen chair and do not hesitate to put the price in a comfortable model.

Clever storage

Can not focus in a messy space. To avoid the mess, it is best to provide storage to sort and drop your things. Library, shelf, drawer, box, wallet, box, or basket, everything is good to hide your folders and other office equipment. To be as comfortable and efficient as possible, arrange for maximum items at your fingertips.

Functional lighting

The lighting

Hard to work without light! To help you see more clearly, nothing better than a desk lamp. By choosing an articulated and adjustable model, you will light your work plan as you see fit. With a dimmer you will add a touch of extra comfort to your space. Effective and gentle, the lighting of your office must participate in your well-being without dazzling you.

A personal decoration

Because it must be good to live in your office, do not neglect the decoration. Photos, posters or rugs, everything is good to make this space pleasant and warm. By choosing warm and harmonious colors, you will accentuate the impression of comfort in the office area. However, be sure to stay in tune with the rest of the room.

If the stores are full of standardized office items, do not hesitate to get your hands dirty or visit the flea markets, to develop your office at lower cost.

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