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Although located away from home, the independent office space (Grand Guide Leroy Merlin 2015) must be connected to the electrical network in order to be heated and have the necessary connections.

garden office equipped with home automation equipment

The electrical panel

An office space at the bottom of the garden - Electricity and home automation: space

As with any construction, the realization of the electrical network must meet the requirements of the NFC 15-100 standard. Scalable, it takes into account technological developments such as the installation of the communication box as well as the installation of RJ45 sockets in the rooms.

Two separate networks

In this case, the electrical installation boils down to three independent lines: one for heating (here a floor heating), one for lighting, and one for electrical outlets. In parallel, the communication network (multimedia) consists of an Ethernet hub (or Switch) connected to the internet box of your ISP. It distributes the network in order to connect printer, computer, phone....
Note that these two networks, one in strong current (electric) and the other in low current (multimedia) must imperatively be separated.

Multimedia cabling

garden office with multimedia cable

Computer, television, printer... connected objects are now part of our daily lives. To take full advantage of the installation RJ 45 plug in all rooms of the house and especially in an office is unavoidable. Exit the old phone T-type pull-type.
Use the right cable
To choose a multimedia cable you have to take into account two pieces of information that indicate the speed of data transmission.
The type of shielding
The FTP or SFTP references provide optimal protection unlike UTP-referenced cables that are not shielded and are therefore forbidden for multimedia use.
The category
For best signal transmission, the category must be the highest. Indicated by a number (from 1 to 7) it is currently referenced cat. 6
In order not to decrease the performance of the cable are installation must respect a few points as the length which must not exceed 50 m. During a change of angle the cable must not have a radius of curvature too closed. Likewise, if several cables have to be passed, they should not be tightened together, let alone stapled. Finally, the cable must not be twisted or subjected to excessive traction.

RJ45 connections

taken from a garden office

RJ45 network jacks and communication cable connect to the cable according to a color code recalled by labels glued to the sides of the jack. Just insert the strands into the connectors and lock them to make the connection.

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