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All dressed wood, the facade of this independent office space, proposed by the Grand Guide Leroy Merlin 2015, fits perfectly in the natural setting of the garden. Inside and outside, the construction is designed and realized to optimize the insulation of the whole.

garden office: insulation and landscaping

Inner insulation

Installation of a second layer of insulation

The insulation is integrated in the frame: the spaces between the uprights are filled with insulation. A second layer reinforces the tightness of the whole. Above the vapor barrier, a metal frame is mounted. In the "technical vacuum" thus created the electrical network takes place. The plasterboard wall is then installed.

Sealing and geometry

An office space at the bottom of the garden - Exterior and interior cladding: garden

SItuated at the top of the wood frame, the smooth belting maintains the linearity of the walls. From its horizontality depends the geometry of the whole construction. It arises after mounting walls. In the corners, she crosses the upper arm which isolates it from moisture.
The low smooth is placed on the masonry, at least 20 cm from the ground.
In corners and corners, on purlins, beams and roof windows, protect against air infiltration with waterproof gluing.
To limit noise and noise, consider installing a resilient tape.


make the facade waterproof

Installed on the OSB panels, a rain screen seals the exterior façade.
• Fix it with vertical cleats.
• Then install the electric sheath and doors, before installing the wood cladding.
Woodburning, fiber cement, composite... whatever the material, cladding is a relatively simple operation, but it needs to be methodical.

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