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Good to know, there are anti-foam treatments specifically designed for the protection of terraces. Why? How to use these products? Which one to choose? Explanations.

Anti-foam for terrace

Anti-foam for terrace

Anti-foam, a must to protect your terrace

Although it is well known that moss grows on roofs, it also invades terraces. The foam does not stop in addition to the material, the terrace is stone or wood for example, and also attacks the joints.
Moss, like weeds, is one of those unpleasant natural phenomena that affect the aesthetics of the terrace and gradually lead to its wear. However, it can be protected with antifoam, prevention or treatment.

How to use an antifoam for its terrace?

Antifoam products for terrace can be bought in supermarkets DIY and / or gardening. They cost between 20 and 70 euros on average, and their price depends in particular on the packaging. These are available either ready to use or in concentrate to dilute in water.
The use of antifoam, in dry weather in the spring or in the fall, differs depending on the products. They can first be applied to the broom or with a sprayer. The quantities also vary, up to a liter to cover between 5 and 35 square meters of terrace. Finally, they may require removing large clumps of foam beforehand, and involve a water jet rinse after a certain time of installation.
In any case, antifoams are dangerous and should be handled with the utmost care (gloves and goggles).

Which anti-foam to choose for its terrace?

There is a wide range of anti-foam products for the terrace. We distinguish among other anti-foams any support and those specific to terraces, or those preventive and / or curative. Some are even waterproofing, or have a more global action and can clean all the dirt on the terrace.
However, with regard to products harmful to health and the environment, which can weaken or even destroy the development of surrounding plants and wildlife, however, it is possible to design its own anti-foam, and that is more ecological. For this purpose, a preparation based on baking soda, citric acid and water can be used as a treatment, like a mixture of water and coarse salt, or pure white vinegar, or corn gluten meal.

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