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Application of the new energy label.

If in theory the new energy label is supposed to be in circulation since December 1, in practice it does not seem quite the case yet as could be seen by DIYerDuanche by going to several department stores selling appliances.

The cold appliances on the test bench.

At first glance, the radius most affected by the new energy label seems to be that of appliances intended to produce cold. After a quick glance, it turns out that the majority of refrigerators and freezers have not been updated and still have their old energy label. However, after a few minutes of observation, we notice that about a third of the devices display the new energy label. Note that these are new models that are obviously on the shelf for a very short time. Finally, we find that nothing is planned to inform customers and help them navigate these new labels.

Mixed assessment for washing machines.

In terms of washing machines and dryers, the new labels are much more present and inform almost half of the devices. Here, we will also notice that the new labeling is affixed only on the last references entered.

Zero pointed for wine cellars.

wine cellar

After having gone through each shop in its entirety, it is clear that the energy labels seem to have been completely forgotten for the wine cellars, whereas the regulation has made them compulsory since the first of December.

After this immersion into the world of home appliances, it is clear that new energy labels seem to have been stolen from the spotlight by Christmas gifts which are in turn widely promoted by the stores. Let's hope that once the end of year holidays have passed, it will be different.

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