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Apply a waxed concrete coating

Decorative and modern, waxed concrete stands out as the trendy, contemporary design. To give a concrete appearance to your floor or your wall without launching into a real building site, nothing better than the coating "waxed concrete" effect.

Difficulty level:

Easy to medium, depending on your skills and experience.

Tools and materials needed:

A polished concrete effect coating of good quality and adapted to your support.
Painter's masking tape.
A trowel.
A knife to coat.
A spalter.
An electric mixer.

Step 1: Prepare the surface.

If you have a floor heating system, it is best to turn it off 48 hours before laying the plaster.
Make sure your soil is healthy and flat.
Protect your skirting boards and sockets by covering them with masking tape.

Step 2: Prepare the material.

Dilute your plaster in the water by scrupulously following the indications provided by the manufacturer.
Mix everything until you obtain a perfectly homogeneous product.
If necessary, add a dose of pigment and mix it with your plaster.

Step 3: the first layer.

Apply a waxed concrete coating: your

Apply to the trowel the first coat of plaster (which will serve as a catch) on only a few millimeters (not more than 3) thick. Use the knife to dose and put the coating on the trowel.
For ease, we advise you to start the installation in one of the opposite angles to the door.
Let stand (as directed by your supplier) your diaper some time while ensuring that the product is always fresh, then smooth it with a wet sponge to smooth the surface.

Step 4: the second layer.

Apply a waxed concrete coating: your

Apply the second coat without waiting for the first one to be completely dry. For the most uniform appearance possible, make ample movements with the trowel.
When the plaster begins to harden (about an hour after being floated, but this time may vary depending on your plaster), it will then be necessary to tighten it with the spalter, then performing small rounded movements with the trowel.

Step 5: the finishes.

Let your plaster dry for at least 24 hours, then scratch imperfections with a painter's knife.
If the rendering is not smooth enough for you, you can still sand your surface.
Finally, wax your floor with the trowel pulling to the maximum to avoid unsightly thickness.
If the rendering is not bright enough, shine your floor with a soft cloth.

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