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To pose wallpaper

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Tools and materials needed:

Wallpaper (refer to our calculators for the quantity needed).
Wallpaper glue (potted or diluted).
A table to stick.
A stepladder.
A plumb line or a spirit level.
A big rule.
A cutter.
A brush to glue.
A brush to rub.
A roulette wheel.
A bucket and a sponge.

First of all, work on a clean and dry wall: if necessary, to prepare the wall (we advise you to nail the skirting of your walls before laying and put them back after) Buy the quantity of paper needed at one time: the same paper may have slight color differences depending on the batch, and think to take a little more than necessary, to overcome the possible "accidents pose" or possible subsequent repairs.

Step 1: Preparations and precautions

Disconnect power from the receptacles and room switches at the circuit breaker to ensure your safety and that of your installation. Also remove the plugs and switches and protect the wires with dominoes and plastic.
Then draw a first vertical line, starting from an angle. Plan to put your wallpaper away from the main light source (window...), to prevent the joints between the tiles project visible shadows.
Starting from the corner, measure a width of the edge, by cutting off 1cm, using the plumb line and the ruler, draw the first vertical line.
Repeat for each corner, always starting from the main light source.

Step2: Cutting

First, measure the height to be upholstered. Then put it on the wallpaper by adding about ten centimeters.
Mark the cut by folding the paper, then cut the scissors or cutter. The simplest is to cut all the pieces.
In the case of uneven lengths (unavoidable in attics), stack them in the order of installation, or number them upside down, if necessary.

Step 3: gluing

For this operation, you need a glue table. If you do not have one, two trestles and a plank, or a flat door will do the job.
Brush the first piece with glue using the pasting brush, taking care to brush the edges well.
Fold the le "in the wallet" (the ends towards the center), then glue the other strips in the same way.

To pose wallpaper: wallpaper

Let them soak for a few minutes (5 to 10 minutes) before laying.

Step 4: the pose

Once the pasted and soggy, take the first lé. The fact that it is folded in the wallet allows you to transport it on the forearm without staining you with glue.
Place it along the vertical line drawn previously, slightly overflowing towards the ceiling, the plinth (or floor) and the nearby wall. To do this, unfold only one half, and start by placing it at the top. Once in place, finish unfolding and glue the rest of the lé.

To pose wallpaper: paper

Then rub it with the brush, from the center to the periphery, and from top to bottom. If wrinkles or other blisters appear, peel off the lé and start again.
Mark the corners against the ceiling and skirting boards and cut the excess with the cutter. If the paper is torn (dull cutter, paper still too wet...), mark the angle with pencil, peel off slightly and cut with scissors. Marble the angles.
Watch for the formation of bubbles and other blisters: as long as the glue has not caught, it is still possible to pull the lé to take off to the desired area to re-rub. You can also simply pierce the bubble with a pin, then rub it towards the hole.
The first laid, move on to the next using the same method and covering the previous one by one centimeter. Marble the joints on the caster wheel. If a little glue overflows, wipe up immediately with a damp sponge.

To pose wallpaper: paper

Electrical boxes:

With the power still off, place the cable over the switch or socket housing as if they were not there. Cut the paper from the center to each corner (X), and cut the four triangles formed. Leave a few millimeters near the edges (less than 5), as you fold inside the case. If the case is circular, cut into a star, and finish in the same way.

To pose wallpaper: paper

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